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  1. Most populated server.

    18 is danaria 19 is katalam 20 is ereshkigal at ~3:20pm pst
  2. He's right and Kromede can perma stun an xform if enough people are on it, and it doesn't really matter anyways because 2 gladiators can burn a general transform in less than 3 seconds. AP transforms are garbage until 7.0
  3. People randomly getting banned

    you should be thrown in with her since you have the always seeing eye
  4. Anamos Reset Range

    Tell your faction to stop being a bunch of pansies all you need is 1 cleric or chanter to just spam dispel or mantra changing nonstop to keep guard agro forever and have your faction charge in like a bunch of heroes and kill the tank to take agro
  5. Can we take a moment to complain about this too?

    i haven't spent any on retuning i just use my luna to reset instances to play with my friends more
  6. Selective retuning seems just a bit overpriced atm. It it was 5 luna per reroll(equivalant to korean rate) you would make more money off people getting rubbish stats rerolling to get perfect ones than you would if someone did it once or twice to get decent stats at 120 luna. In korea ultimate retuning it's just 7 cents per reroll 2$ for an ultimate piece of armor per reroll of stats and not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. 1$ for a legendary piece of gear even though that is a complete waste of money. 50 cents per reroll on ancient gear which is an even bigger waste of money.
  7. Lack of PVP in a PVP world

    Same! I love the feeling of going against the best of the best but falling short of victory because everyone just win trades when they get that good anyways. But i'm fine with it being broken since chanter is basically afk and you win everyone
  8. Powershards

    Not only did ncsoft make it available for 1 faction but they also overpriced it by 2375% compared to every other region of the game... This screenshot is taken from my asmodian chanter This screenshot is taken from an elyos character
  9. Arena rankings

    Not working still
  10. Transformation system.

    luna gives you the transparent scrolls and you can get an ancient transformation contract from this current event
  11. Thank you, some random reports just made me quit.

    oooh tony you big bad boy what did you say ^-^
  12. Second Wind Question

    Festering wound / Word of Destruction / Juggernaut cannon / Fleshcutter Arrow if you have 2 of those on you at the same time its 100% debuff instead of 50%
  13. Fastest players NA

    9 seconds for a sorc is completely reasonable it is the damage god class