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  1. Equality and Equity are different. I would never fight for equal outcome only equal opportunity. This is that whole "tryhard" aspect i mentioned before. It's also the reason we did so well on Kahrun. Top alliance... had 18 active players.
  2. Forum Logic: Siel is Asmodian Dominated Israphael is Elyos Dominated Merge would unfairly favor Asmodians and make everything Asmodian Dominated!!! Pretend with me here that you can look at this rationally... if Siel has 5000 players with a >10% Asmodian Advantage (it's not more than that or NC would be giving the elyos the same benefits they are currently giving Asmodian's on IS) S-Elyos - 2350 S-Asmodian - 2650 and IS has a 1500 players with a ~25% Elyos Advantage (We know it's more on account of anyone can make an acct and check the numbers) I-Elyos - 850 S-Asmodian
  3. You having fun protecting your ego? The numbers don't lie and NC has openly admitted the imbalance at this point. IS is Elyos favored so how would a merge favor asmodians? Are you gonna be upset when you have to dregion in a legit 6v6?
  4. As a player who played from 2009 - 2012 and then again on Kahrun's release (i don't remember when that was) I can confidently say it does not happen this bad on all servers. 1 side usually takes a lead (in numbers), gets ahead, and has more tryhards. This isn't even close to that. when you have 4000 (the number if a merge happened) active players an advantage of 100-200 is much less noticeable. Moreover even when people give up on the abyss because their spirit is broken they can still fill groups in pve. However when you have 800 that same disparity gives far different results. Moreov
  5. Don't comment on issues you aren't experiencing. It's tactless and embarrassing that you fight so hard to maintain "dominance" by numbers. It would be like someone on Dota or League insisting to play every match 5v2 then complaining when the other team suggests also bringing 5 members.
  6. Just to speak further about the experience with population. Because at the end of the day it's not just about RvR. I jumped on Siel and looked for open LFG groups to find 13 active listings. So I looked at the numbers... Siel (https://myaion.eu/Server/20451) the least populated class is assassin, just like IS. Unlike IS they have nearly 1232 (IS has 230). The most populated class is Cleric nearing 2500.... IS has 500... 1/5th. How many people here have spent 7 HOUR looking for a plate to tank an instance only to log off for the night because NONE WERE AVAILABLE? This was my experienc
  7. You are probably right. And, the person who makes that call should be fired because at the end of the day their job is to maximize profits. Losing more and more players who pay $30+$15 for deva pass and siel aura. Not to mention all the candy and pet purchases that are lost... sure some players are re-rolling on siel and spending it up again. Many others are just calling it sunk costs and moving on to other games like New World. With your mentality it's going to get really boring when you are playing with yourself.
  8. NCSoft has acknowledged the disparity on Israphael. Today Asmodian-IS players all god a survey with lodas amulets to support leveling... They did this same thing on the original Israphael back in the day. It was the first attempted measure to balance a server that was also dominated by Elyos back then (no where near as bad as today). This measure failed and it will fail again. NCSoft, you do not have the luxury of time that you had in retail to make bad business choices. You are competing against a marketplace with modern games pulling from your tiny market share on a daily basis. You
  9. It's funny because this gets quoted to fit the whims of people who want to prove there is no imbalance on Siel and ignored when people want to claim no imbalance on Israphael. The last time i saw this posted on IS was ~1-2 weeks ago and there was a 50% imbalance. Adjust for bots which can be assumed to be approximately the same and it's worse. Currently there sits 1164 players on Israphael. Assuming the numbers have stayed the same (which is unlikely considering the number of players who used 100% exp to leave for siel). There is around ~450 Asmodian, and ~650 Elyos. For easy lets
  10. The why doesn't really matter at this point. I agree a numbers disadvantage can be overcome. I had a small group of 18 who dominated Kahrun when it was released against a disadvantage. The numbers weren't ever "even" they were just less Elyos favored (more like vanilla). Sure the Asmodian's don't have a real leader but at this point that will not fix the issue because everyone has left for a healthier (not saying healthy) more populated server. And what do you think the 100% exp week will do? 2 servers was ambitious for NCSoft in the first place, they should cut their losses and
  11. This is an amusing thread. Mostly because the Elyos side found it important to start this thread to protect themselves from any REAL competition. 10 years ago NCSoft was slow to respond to pleas from the community for balance on Israphael, that disparity was far smaller than this one. It's also worth noting that I've seen how quickly the Elyos run away when face with a 2v2 or 3v3 (Let alone a disadvantage) so your opinion doesn't matter much here. Your argument is basically let us continue to fight you 2:1 at best or stop the QQ. Everyone has to choose what to do with their tim
  12. Likewise Israphael is a lost cause for the Asmodians. Today the #2 alliance all decided to reroll because the cause was so hopeless. Sieges are 4:1 and with this latest loss will now be 5:1. We are lucky to fill 2 alliances.... Meanwhile the Elyos have 2 Leagues. Aion, you failed at maintaining balance on 2 servers (but promised us the vanilla classic experience so good job there). Now, please do NOT waste time and wait for people who have waited so long for this game for the nostalgia to quit because you were to slow to act like many did in vanilla. MERGE THE SERVERS AND IMPLEMENT
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