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  1. I agree with most of it but this : ?? Are we playing the same game? I've ran DP like10 times and I saw only 1 ring drop and only got 1 piece of armor. No elder drop, no godstone drop. Zapiel/Jesh droprate for weapon is still garbage If anything, they should be the worlddrop gold rate...
  2. This is my build for pure pve DPS purpose. https://aion.aspirine.su/stigma/#hByaiebcBhaBfamaBgaxbha I can't get myself to ditch fear shriek and ignite aether, having 2 dispells is nice if you chain mobs and fear shriek always feels good when there's a wave of (unexpected) adds. I was wondering if someone ran tests with blessing of fire. Is it relevant in DP where mobs hit in the fire element? Other thing : For how much does Absorb Vitality hit, and how many HP do you get when hitting bosses in DP? I've seen Milie on IS-A use it, was wondering if it was really a useful stigm
  3. At this point, the broker is so empty that I'm not against bots lol. L63 stones used to sell for 200k 1 month ago, they're worth 500k now. It's stupid
  4. I prefer communication over silence. Shiting on people who try to tell us what's going on is a bad move, I prefer being aware (and sad/dispaointed) than being left in the dark.
  5. A rank, yes, even though it's hard to find not-overlaping DPS these days. On asmo side I guess they are, AuA legion is well alive (and I think they even managed to make other legion not leave the game) but on Elyos side the game is dead. Sanctus (former #1 legion when it comes to AP) became a legion for alts of Resurgence people since the announcement of 1.5 delay. Those who stayed went into Resurgence. Resurgence became #1 not long ago (and now the centurions and deputys are leaving too here). The best geared people of Resurgence ran DP S rank together, with a Templar from an all
  6. Nah, the truth is nobody completed it on Israphel so they can't post it
  7. New update was released 2 days ago, it works with 1.5. For example, Calindi Flamelord (the boss of A rank) has 1 129 000 hp
  8. Can't play much atm and I'd like to do a video guide about tahabata. I would like to get the exact HP (since it was nerfed and databases are not reliable), if someone can provide it it'd be nice Thank you.
  9. Do you mean there is a way to be 100% sure to meet a certain group?
  10. What could drenite be used for anyway? I guess people would use it to level up their craft past 400, right?
  11. It may be true, but the elyos you're talking about don't show up to siege so..
  12. I'm 99% sure the droprate is adapted to Korean numbers, like they did with the Balaur Commanders HP. Even with the current garbage droprate we have now, the KR server is so full that they had to lower the droprate to keep Miragent an expensive set. I also think it's to counter bot farming kinah. It's really hard to generate any money atm, everything you drop is so cheap to sell at the NPC. gathering aether seems to be the most reliable way
  13. I had the same issue after upgrading my nvidia driver to the latest version. I had to downgrade to go back to normal.
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