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  1. Took a bit of my time to do this. If it can be useful to someone, well there it is.
  2. I agree. Best sample is NTC. I remember exiting NTC with 2+ of each hard balaur mats, nowadays you drop 1 or 2 per run for the whole group.
  3. I've done 10 runs, I only saw 2 skillbook drop. 1 for templar on the first pretor and 1 for ranger on the final boss.
  4. Hi guys. I noticed a lot of my groups skip Freed Genie in SR because nobody remember how to kill him. What's the strat to avoid wiping on him?
  5. When we took Krotan, we were 6 full alli and 2 15/24 alli in the league. that's around 170 elyos for what was a very advertised siege.
  6. This was apparently caused by the installation of Aion Rainmeter. Since I don't know which files were modified, I had to remove the game and install it again...
  7. Hello. I play since day one of the serv and suddenly this morning when I try to launch the game, I have this error : I live in France and have no VPN. Any idea what's going on?
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