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  1. Hey there. In order to make more content for this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0sQa8F9aQrNZ8IJLMpXCtw, i'm trying to do some research about treasure boxes. I already have documented the nute warren treasure boxes (video to come soon about that) where you can get this baby : I'm trying to find information (location/spawn time) for these items : - http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/121000460/Sovereign's Heart - necklace lvl 38 - http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/125001499/ Bloody Sky Mask - headgear - http://aiondatabase.net/en/item/120000708/ Dragon Pa
  2. got the same message on firefox, works fine on chrome. I guess it comes from any privacy add-on I have in firefox
  3. https://aion.aspirine.su/ have fun
  4. For now I was partly right. 5 BBS/day It's not much, but it's honest work.
  5. Since it's in the same location, I'm posting this here as well : Scout Dehavi fight detailed
  6. Nothing seems to have changed on our server about that. @KibbelzDo you have more details about this event please?
  7. /escape works if you spam it, because it won't trigger if you're in freefall but when you get rubberbanded-back to your initial position, that's when /escape can be used. Just gotta spam it until you see the popin
  8. Forgot to say this guy has 9.3 millions hp and we earned 2.6k AP
  9. Mostly for fun, friends and I tried to kill the asmo one. And we did it. - Took 30 deaths to pull. It's a really hard pull, I had to send my spirit in to take the initial aggro, run away with guards while our cleric manage to snag aggro on it. It was clearly mostly luck. - Took us a while to understand we'd have to fight with a permanent add. As soon as you kill it, the boss spawns a new one. You need either a lot of SM to perma fear it or offtanks. - We used 3 kisks total for the whole fight. Lot of deaths early on, we stabilized it around 50% when we got more than 1 plate in t
  10. You have my interest, please tell me more. Which guards do that. I'm pretty sure you made it up on the fly
  11. Just a QoL thing. Old databases with comments, actual locations et have disapeared with time. New databases, even those who try to be Classic compatible, are not accurate. Example : https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/254569/ This named mob location, according to the website, is in the air Allowing us to use /where on those mobs would be nice. Thanks for reading
  12. You can ban all players who're doing sulfur and siel's rep then.
  13. I used every syntax I could find on google for right and left slot, I got none to work. I think we just have to wait a new patch to get an updated macro system
  14. Hi there. I'm trying to record kills of all named mobs of the game for wiki purposes and have a problem with reshanta. I've the list of the mobs and I'm checking them pretty often for a week now. And I still didn't see Poor Poevius or Ragerock in this timeframe. So if you come accross one of the mob below and you can take the time to record the kill and send it to me (youtube/mediafire/wetransfer, I don't care), it'd be nice. I'll just edit it, add some info, their location and put it on youtube Mob location for those who wishes : The Abyss [[pos:Brigade General Akius;400010
  15. If it's true, I hope the gold droprate in Reshanta is higher then, cuz I've yet to see an Elder staff on broker
  16. I'm pretty sure 1.5 comes with a hidden buff to balaur mats droprate. NTC and Draupnir used to drop mats way more than what we have now in my memory. This + the fact that everyone will run DP on CD will make miragent/fenris set more achievable I guess. 30 000 daily kinah for this login event is a joke (and tbh it nyerks up alchemy again, the number of free scrolls/pot given in the battlepass has its weight on the economy) but my bet for next week is : - Blue Balaur Scale (DP entry cost, also shortened to BBS) - Boiling Balaur Blood Stain (Miragent/Fenris craft, also shorten
  17. Lol, in one year if the patches takes 4 monthes every time the game will be dead
  18. The only bossesstill worth farming atm are Menotios and Zapiel, you guys still need them after 2 months of daily TLab/DC?
  19. This is from the Sanctus legion who's currently sitting at #1 spot of IS-E with double the AP of the 2nd legion. We've been sitting at 72/72 members since July/August.
  20. Yeah, when a sorc can hit you for 5K dmg, I'd rather have 600 extra hp rather than 30 attack
  21. I believe you, but what's your source?
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