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  1. Put it +10 and you still have a long way to go before dropping a better weap.
  2. The daeva pass made things worse imo. Being able to get gold gear the moment you dinged a coin-level (31/36/41/46) is stupid. Those lvl46 +10 weap and made going instances useless. Who's gonna spend 2h in SR for 5% chance of a grogget drop when you can have a 14% attack speed weap by paying 30$. And then you're surprised people are already bored/in your face with +15 gear. Even worse now, free AP is given through crowns. Since above rank2 it becomes very hard to get AP from guards, those crowns come in handy. I would have liked for the server to build its endgame like it shou
  3. Unless it's another unfair ban, it shouldn't be a problem. Like sure I'm pissed at NCsoft for that, but I try to see the positive side. Kibbelz told us he would get the official stance, people expressed their anger, there's no need to add some more rage on top.
  4. I'm unbanned, hurray. Just coming here to say that at least the ban didn't consume any time of my Siel aura. But the fact that I was given the ban in the first place is unbelievable
  5. If I had to take a guess, I'd say the mob droprate will get better when they'll introduce miragent/fenris. Since those sets require boiling balaur blood stains x100 and there's not even that number on the broker right now, I'm pretty sure next patch will improve global droprate (lets hope global droprate of instances too , after 15 runs I've yet to see grogget drop a thing )
  6. For me it's an easy choice : the only attack stat that's important for a ranger is the raw dmg from the bow + enchant bonus + fusion bonus. All other attack bonuses are not multiplied by buff and that's why attack manastones should only be socketed by fast-attacking classes (so only sin and dual wielding glads). Get enough crit to reach those 44% critrate (taking into account the crit resist), so probably around 600, and then socket either hp, acc or m.acc. Your base M.acc is too low to make socketing macc useful against cloth/mr cleric and already high enough against plates. You could d
  7. Took a bit of my time to do this. If it can be useful to someone, well there it is.
  8. I agree. Best sample is NTC. I remember exiting NTC with 2+ of each hard balaur mats, nowadays you drop 1 or 2 per run for the whole group.
  9. I've done 10 runs, I only saw 2 skillbook drop. 1 for templar on the first pretor and 1 for ranger on the final boss.
  10. Hi guys. I noticed a lot of my groups skip Freed Genie in SR because nobody remember how to kill him. What's the strat to avoid wiping on him?
  11. When we took Krotan, we were 6 full alli and 2 15/24 alli in the league. that's around 170 elyos for what was a very advertised siege.
  12. This was apparently caused by the installation of Aion Rainmeter. Since I don't know which files were modified, I had to remove the game and install it again...
  13. Hello. I play since day one of the serv and suddenly this morning when I try to launch the game, I have this error : I live in France and have no VPN. Any idea what's going on?
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