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  1. SO ive been checking every hours to see if i can catch the event Heiron Gen, but with no luck so far. does anyone know f they have seen him yet and have gotten items from him
  2. Um just thought i would ask if maybe the drop rates on these could be bump up a bit. I spent in hour farming 50 balaur mobs and never got a blood to drop
  3. Hello Kibblez, im not sure if i missed it or not but i believe the last and the reward from this have not been posted yet. Please let me know if im wrong. Thank you for what you do
  4. As we tried to do Suflur last night on Israphel I notice that the Dux Hp values where not changed, But in fact the Fortress Shield Generator npc values changed. The Shield gen mob had the reduce Dux hp which made him an mini dux so we could never get the shield down. I think maybe you guys in fact did try to adjust the Dux hp values but did it on the wrong mob @Kibbelz
  5. So we are now into the last week of the server first event https://www.aiononline.com/server-first-event?fbclid=IwAR2EBZ91mBO7hLkjjoq82uUkkEnS6WVOzWMUImlsQiH45UhelL7nqH4TfA0 when will this list be updated again?
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