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  1. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Frozen magic was probs the only one acceptable after all the ones you quoted in there. Wild joker was just a JOKE event. Spinel coins were always droping mostly. Maybe you just got luck on your drops or I might be jinxed lol. Power Up event was good, that is true. But in terms of events that allows you to get good drops to make kinah is what I am talking about. I am a player who spends money in NCOINS because nowdays there is not many ways to get kinah in game loyalty. Yes, you can sell supplys from AOE, COE but there is a limit which doesnt gives more than 200kk per account anyway. And if for you a good event is to get old skins, candies, +6 manastones, stigma sacks, golden wing marks and recovery serums, thats ok.
  2. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Here comes another lame event where the only worthy things are the omegas and the tempering solutions and those are just 2% rate between loads of trash items. Such a shame, well done NCSOFT keep sinking the server.
  3. Is that difficult to post the new patch notes? We should be able to read the notes at least a day in advance but as usual here it comes the mess. Then you will do meetings to gather players to find out how to make Aion better again. Probs paying more attention to the game and loving it a bit more would help.