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  1. I was able to complete this about 20 mins ago. Previously I would get a cryenginex64 error upon activating the artifact.
  2. No. This change was to stop players from bypassing the 1M kinah daily limit by using alt free accounts and account warehouse/legion warehouse. If you make it easier for players to make kinah, you are also making it easier for the botters/cheaters to make kinah. All this will accomplish is make prices skyrocket.
  3. More skins would be great. 3-4 per pass would be nice. Maybe an outfit, a weapon/shield, and an accessory. Maybe try a time limited pair of wings (7-15 days would be enough). Wing skins would probably make quite a bit as well, could even push more purchases of the current cash shop wings. We'd need the ability to apply wing skins first though. If the outfit stays as the end reward, maybe make it selectable so if the newest one doesn't strike our fancy we can select something else (a previous outfit or even a second weapon/shield skin or something). Emotes are good too, could use
  4. Griffon buff has been working since maintenance for IS-E. It was broken for us prior to.
  5. Try submitting a bug report to support. I started one wednesday night when it broke on IS-E, they got back to me this morning saying they wanted video proof and/or in depth screenshots. My bug report has since been sent to whatever department comes next along with a 20 second clip of me clicking the griffon with no buff being applied. I mean maybe you can even get some bonus points by catching someone hacking or AP trading in the background or something. Might as well put all this negative energy from the forums to good use, right?
  6. Arena kills work for same faction and for weekly kill an enemy quest. Also any medal works and you can just mail yourself 3 medals to complete that quest.
  7. I read just fine. I just disagree with everything you posted about what you think the current issue is and how to fix it. I'd like for there to be more players playing the game too. But not if that means that I have to have the quality of players that a f2p model attracts. The draw of classic for me is the sub model and getting away from 3.0+ stuff that took the game in the direction you want to go with Siel's Aura.
  8. No. Currently Siel's Aura is too friendly to players not paying the sub. Either go full sub or full f2p, this half and half thing is an abomination. I would prefer the "trial" version of the game, if that is really what the aura is supposed to represent, limit non-subbed characters to poeta only (lv 10 cap), and also take away their ability to use /3 LFG. This wouldn't do anything to the bots and rmt that are already paying a sub or willing to pay the sub.
  9. I also did not receive the levels from the last premium pass. Since I only have yesterday and today to play this week, I did complete a large chunk of the missions already. Currently sitting at rank 11.
  10. Can also confirm, rewards flagged as claimed but not recieved in either inventory nor mailbox. Also still level 1 despite having bought the premium pass last season.
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