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  1. if you want to curb botting, ban the botters
  2. If you had fond memories of this game from 10 years ago, youd have fond memories of the monthly fee too
  3. Remember when everyone said the same about 1.5?
  4. If you looked at what you posted before coming here to complain, you will see they ended up completely changing the rewards. we got a bunch of different items on the first day, including a locus amulet, and we weren’t even supposed to get those until the last day. they actually improved the survey rewards for us. And you complained. hilarious.
  5. It’s down for maintenance. literally what this thread is about.
  6. they mean retail. Ya know.. the game that gives everyone here what they're crying for.. but they stopped playing because it was ruined because they got what they wanted...
  7. I feel like that’s the bonus to starting a game first.
  8. Server merge will fix that problem. As the other server is dominated by Asmos.
  9. Have you tried posting on the correct forum? cause you’re on the wrong one.
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