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  1. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    i didnt say i want a 10 min kaisinel. I just address that they should lower the price of trans scrolls compare to other regions cause we only have the xforms for 5min.
  2. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    oops, i think i have typed the wrong info. should be 0.96 usd/100 scrolls in other regions, i have messed up the currency. but actually NA server is so different, like everyone only got ancient xforms which lasts for 5 mins. and other regions have it as 10 mins.
  3. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    @Cyan Also the transparent scrolls, it costs 72 usd to buy 100, while it only costs 9.6 usd to buy 100 in other regions. Who would buy the transparent scrolls if u set the price so high??????????????? I am okay with everything that needs to spend real money, but the price of the transparent scrolls, instance entry (80 entry per time and +20 each time) and the retuning for ultimate gears (160 luna each time) are just nonsense.

    The need in server merging & a new server is obvious, people in here stating all those "merging experience" is absolutely having no clue of what 6.0 actually is. 1. 6.0 is all about open world pvp, u even need to pvp at the BoS entrance. People earn BM from daily killing quest and weekly mobs quest, the only reason people want to go out is because of the equal starting point. As I know, there will be players in old server already having full red gears (armors+weap+accs) on the first day of 6.0/2 in NA. You cannot say it is unfair, since they actually spent money on the most broken patch ever. Imagine how long new players can survive facing these people? This is a Gold/Purple gear AT using the same skill to the Purple/Red gear AT. So, an AT with "a little bit" undergeared hit another AT with full red/purple gears AT for 300, while that AT hit him for 5000 (not even Crit). And you are telling me new players can actually play in the old server? Yeah, enjoy getting rekt. 2. New server has become the main server in Korea and Taiwan after releasing EVEN NOW. As for Korea, the first server to have REFLY since January. And for NA , DN is having more people than KT. But still, it is just like how many people KT have during Tia eyes, can’t say it is “so alive”. Imagine 6.0 starts, people in old server having their own teams and legions, so they are not willing to play with new players which are obviously undergeared.
  5. @Cyan Please consider adding the option to obtain pvp accessories from enchanting master harvester accessories for the following reasons.(edited) NA is the only region to not have the option for this, and the reasoning is because support classes in 5.8 use these pve accessories during pvp due to their higher defensive values, and lack of need for pvp attack. It seems unfair for support classes to either enchant more accessories between not and 6.2 release, or have to use pve accessories while others will recieve pvp, essentially using their "pvp"gear. Please consider this change as you've been cooperative to make the previous changes suggested by the community, thanks Korea (http://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleID=5734&page=15) Taiwan (http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2876) Russian (https://4gameforum.com/threads/705328/)
  6. Rotating buffs for Jan 26 weekend

    Instance server is also broken, we queued Ashunatal Dredgion tonight AS A GROUP and it only popped for four of us and two other were still in queue @Cyan Please check