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  1. The auction house is the least of the worries, but it still is a factor. The biggest issue is there are no people do do literally anything with except for FT and NTC. and there arent even very many of those parties.
  2. I dont see how this survey makes any sense. You guys put in an event that gave 100% exp to everyone. That killed IS because almost every asmo rerolled to siel. Now this survey is supposed to bring them back? The event was 100%, this survey and boost is 50% max(including amulet) Literally half as much before the event that killed IS to begin with LOL. The amulets will only help people that are leveling and playing which is virtually no one. So this survey like the last is a complete waste of time and isnt helping. The servers have been merged to some degree, it was just dont by the players. Mos
  3. Yes, this strengthens my point of offering xfers or merging servers. All of those ss excluding the Wannax ss was from the discord worry made to unite the asmo side. We didnt have leaders and then got severely outnumbered and outleveled. After this happened the 100% exp event was put into place. Asmo on IS saw that event and left the server because in their mind, "why would i stay on a dying server where im losing?"
  4. Title. It doesnt matter how we got here or why at this point. What is important, is we are here and we need to merge or have xfers asap. The ship has sailed on git gud or no leadership nonsense. The 100% exp event completely killed off IS on the asmodian side. Everyone left to siel so in a sense there was already somewhat of a merge just not done by ncsoft but by the players who abandoned their characters on IS. We cant even reliably do PvE content let alone siege or pvp. No cheap survey that doesnt even give greater scrolls is going to revive this dead server. Offer xfers, myself and many oth
  5. why would you lose your character? people actually think you cant have one character of each race on a single server? LOL You do realize there are tons of people that have both races on the same sever just different account. To make an account its free. Also, iirc they got rid of race restriction later.
  6. A server merge already happened, it just benefited Siel asmo because almost everyone left IS. IS asmo struggle to even do PvE content. It doesnt matter "how" we got here anymore, its too far gone. What matters is there are no more players to "get good" and "level up" as so many ignorant people on here think thats what we need to do. Even if we had the best leaders there is no one to lead becuase the server is so dead. Offer xfer first because it will make you money then after you made some money, merge servers. Having one server makes it better for: Siel ely, IS asmo and its much easier to ba
  7. Survey was a joke. Even if there were people playing on this server, which there is not anymore, what could that survey do to help? The survey was for people leveling obviously, but the problem is the 100% exp event killed any reason to play on IS and completely overshadowed some shitty scrolls and amulets LMAO. Why roll on a dead server with many issues when you can play on siel which is way better and active in everyway. I understand the asmo has an advantage on siel but at least there are players. On IS there arent even any players on asmo side to do PvE content. Just merge the servers alre
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