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  1. Shogus have Dark blue quests that give you Gear Chests if you pay them 20 acorns. They do this every 10 levels, so you would have to level up to 40 then do this
  2. They actually "fixed" this by making white items untradeable and by allowing Free users to only loot white items and junk. The game is rubbish for free users and should be labeled as Pay to Play instead of "Free"
  3. "Home | Aion Classic | Bug Reports | Quest "Reward" is missing." 🤨 You might want to remove this topic from the Classic Forums then. just saying
  4. Most of the time that's how complaining works, lol. If I'm told that things are supposed to be a certain way and they aren't, then yes I'll complain. If I make a ticket about the topic and get told to bring it to the forum because "It's working as intended" and "We are separate from the suggestion team. I advise you to post it in the forums." You bet your ass i will.
  5. I've seen a few posts that complain about translation being shitty and that they need to try harder. Well I see your complaints and I show you this:
  6. It wasn't a "no player" problem. Asmos had a full league on it and only got it to 30-40% health. please don't assume we weren't trying when you even said you wouldn't It wasn't a "no player" problem. Asmos had a full league on it and only got it to 30-40% health.
  7. /LegionAlert command for Brig and Deputies to use for Legion Events. This would be in case players have their legion chat in a separate tab and not open. /2 (Trade Chat) needs to be Global. This helps break up the spam in LFG. Also removing the "Hide Gear" option would be nice. It's getting to a point where people are viewing your gear and making fun of you because of using low level gear due to crappy drops. Having a character's gear permanently visible also removes the "Elitist" mentality of checking your stats before being invited to a Legion or Instance group. I think that a char
  8. It's more of a classic experience than what I asked for. The grind is back, the open world pvp is back, the threat and actuality of the races invading the other's lands are back. It takes more than 10 hours to reach max level. yea the Bots are back but those can EASILY be ignored, much like how NCSoft is ignoring them. The only thing missing from the classic feel is the moderators that actually played and cared for the game.
  9. I don't get the reason why people are pissy about no 1.5. Ya'll are the ones that bitched and complained and demanded "the classic" experiance, then complain about "no content." You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.
  10. You say because no bakarma fix, when it was posted 2 hours ago that there will be a bakarma fix...
  11. This isn't the NCSoft forum, it's the AION forum. that's why they said that. Not hard to connect those dots there.
  12. Maybe instead of being "bored" as you call it, you could help all those lower characters by killing the twinks that are constantly camping the quest areas? They are almost always asking for help in the LFG channels and pinging locations that entire groups of twinks are farming them, yet no one comes to help.
  13. It was a paypal transaction directly from the in-game menu. I've restarted the client, launcher, my pc, everything that I can think of. I'm still waiting for a response via support ticket though. I haven't made a purchase on this account. It's anything but new, about 9-10 years old.
  14. So, as the title suggests, I bought enough Quna to purchase this season pass. How long should it take to get the Quna that was purchased? I've been waiting for the past 30 minutes and just wondering if it could be a overloaded server issue.
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