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  1. 24-72 hour ban for 3 month worth of Evergale Canyon....
  2. @Cyan Why you lie people only got 24 hour -72 hour ..... Perma btw*
  3. Best event Ever . Thx ncsoft now i can be max gears without playing the game
  4. Peoples think they remove luna cause people complain about it , but real reason cause ncsoft lost money giving free luna ........ but those peasants belive cause they write something on a dead forum LOL
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/504650635?t=1h5m8s
  6. Ncsoft logic : Fix evergale Nahhhh Remove free luna from player HELL YEAH !!! @Cyanput my luna back in the reward and give me extend weapon demaha in a event NOW !
  7. Put that pve weapon on the store @Cyan i buy 3 at 100 USD each !
  8. @Cyan Well i was thinking the event was shit but ....... Jesus its worst than shit GJ again nyerking us over with crap event .......... we only get 10 candies by account when was always 10 for each toon GG
  9. @Cyan got any of those nerf in ur pocket left???
  10. CHeck that people , FINISH wearing dragon and VT skin !
  11. I did 11 IDD yesterday and i never got any box of the event. We all got those anniversary tokens but i never saw any box like the list under. Did you guys get box from IDD ???????????
  12. People be like : FINALY a good event good job ncsoft. - - - - Ncsoft be like w8 a min did i hear people are happy and not quiting the game !?!?!?!?!?
  13. @Cyan You guys own me 200m for rolling my gear trying get magic defense with ur bad traduction of stats !!! Magic defense its name magic resist again. Was rerolling my gears no stop trying get magic defense to end up realising magic defense is name magic resist AGAIN !!!! To find out if magic defense or magic resist you need go selective roll to see magic defense end with 260 and magic resist end with 300+ GJ NCSOFT TEAM AGAIN !
  14. How they supose to know what you got, if they delete what just happening and do a roll back . Please people use some logic!
  15. You guys need chill they just doing a roll back to aion 1.5
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