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  1. DUde people get free contract minions , free stigma and you guys go do pve instance and do fuse of transformation ..... After you guys complain like baby , they should delete your account for be that dumb LOL
  2. @Cyan So patch note say nothing about change on xform skill , nothing about boost stigma enchant rate , nothing about if mobs still drop if they quest mobs , nothing about named mobs droping new kibirium,nothing about if we get more character slot by having prestige pack , nothing about old cubic cant not be upgraded in better grade !?!?!?.
  3. @Cyan so quest mobs still drop item like before ? And you dint boost stigma enchant rate ?
  4. The broker feed its a good think , i know its painfull but Belive me you dont want live without it and see item go to 15b each like 5.x Cause its too much money in the game, Feed from broker help the economy to dont go sky rocket.
  5. Work at intended , they probably dont want tell us its gona be reset for 7.0
  6. Count on ME , you know i w8 for this more than christmass day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Its OK in NA after 1 year release of 6.x with still dont have transparent transformation anyways!
  8. You know when you reset instance after 3 run the price go up right ? , so to get 1200 gem , will take you 800 gems more after do ur free one , at 100 luna each entry we talking about 8 000 luna !?!?!?
  9. @Cyan i dont know in what planet you guys living , but 5-50 by box ,2 instance , 10 entry totaly by week , But 5x 10 = 50x 2 = 100 how that get even close to 1200 gem for legendary contract ?
  10. 200 $ in luna reset for get a ramdom legendary transformation sound legit
  11. People who play sorc : hi im from Brazil and i will like to silence stun you on first skill. Its ok i know you gona do focus evasion, but im still gona silence first skill. Cause my class is garbage!
  12. Yeah best 5.x cause in this patch had daily instance and all suply was tradeable! Now in 6.x we have no daily instance, so when you gona be done with ur cd. I hope you have a credit card buy luna to reset instance entry! And have fun running on ur alt, all item in 6,x are untradeable so only reason to run alt will be for transformation and maybe dragon weapon if they add to reward list. Fragment, enchant stone , or any other reward usless on ur alt. Inc top P2W event of 6.x .... GET UR CREDIT CARD READY BOIII ( i know alot people gona be like Mech you get free luna from l
  13. Just little remind ****Before 7.0****** you need stack silver & gold cube for Extra stats
  14. Here a other video just to prove how long this dude his hacking and ncsoft dont care
  15. @Cyan you need take some action Zangettzu Where that Ban Hammer ?
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