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  1. You know they boost respawn rate of mobs with the last patch in ing and gelk right ? They boost respawn rate so player dont suffer from auto-hunt feature .... THat the reason why mobs respawn faster in those zone ...
  2. We all know the server exp = 100% , the bonus is 100 and now to be sorry they add 50 = 150 % exp and that what we getting next week... He throw the dude who say "double exp "cause that what they should have put, they should have add other 100 % not nerk 50% . But ncsoft cant give us anything normal always have to be cheap stuff and nerf ...
  3. How u have problem make kinah ????? You can solo PF ez ... one run give 10m ( if you cant make to the last boss ) You can do luna daily instance and craft kinah box You can go TT map farm a gears box with 200 soul and sell item for 10m Right now we have Tia eye event , you can farm 150 token buy greater gems box sell cleric shinny for like 200m +(or farm any other item like paragone gears and sell it ) And if that too much for you .... You can drop 2$ on store and get retuning stone for sell at 150m.... Extractor are 550k like come on LOL
  4. @Archangelos-KT Dude do you even play this game ? You can attack me on my english dont change the fact you the joke of this game You do realise mobs only drop cubic right ? I DARE YOU send me a picture of mobs dropping kinah or item LOL Only mobs drop item are like cross server and those items for morphing enchant stone This forum full of clown like you keep opening they mouth and dont know nyerk THe only reason NA dont have Auto-hunt like all other reason cause of DEV dont know anything about the game like YOU and probably belive you can bots the mobs to sell kinah or somethin
  5. Dude you r the clown of that forum even worst than lapis .... Do you even realise what you saying EVERYTHING in future patch its base on Auto-hunt like we are getting right now ... When gona take you 200 exp mark to do promotion for ur future weapon with 15 % rate proc let see what you think ... ALL THE FUTURE EVENT in aion are base on auto-hunt , like the melon was supose be , like farming the 5 crystal was ( with omega/ragna wb drop box ) Look EU they just got the cat ancient transformation event , you need over 100 enchant stone and you need kill like 100 mobs get one ... All th
  6. What a shame to be playing in NA ... Where my preview of 7.8 @Kibbelz @Loki ????? We dont give you guys enough money ?!?!?
  7. @Kibbelz News about Ult promo ? News about Minions promo ? New about what you did to luna daily ? News about 7.7.1 ? News about feedback of that garbage event first to pick first to serve ?
  8. @Lapis-DN Cause they will be add it in a p2w promotion in the future... if they give you everything free how they supose pay they self 3 week vacation when they server are in fire ? A other time you dint think before open ur mouth....
  9. @BlueMemory-KT everytime you see something stupid in this game , you know what i do ?!? I ask Alexia play aion sound track !
  10. Imagine thinking that Ncsoft staff will test server every event before release it ... Next step ask them to work ? its that some type of joke ?
  11. @Azzmaria-KT More Easy to get + 4 , not more easy to get + 5
  12. @Apsicopata-KT Dont worry they probably end up getting 3 days ban and a free name change ticket from Ncsoft .... I can see the dude close his eyes and put the volume to maximum with his headphone LOLLLLL
  13. @Lapis-DN You do realise now they gona make sure people cant buy kinah anymore from people who kill the game you say you love All the money p2w players spend buying kinah will go in pocket of ncsoft right ? The game you playing everyday , what you think happening when you pay someone ? Yeah you get something in return .... Forcing people who want to get kinah to buy BCM items and over flow the broker of item we all need ! Forcing people to undercut each other , creating an overflow of items you will like buy who are over price right now! AKA : prestige pack , returning
  14. @Kibbelz @Loki To anyone belive that luna only about kinah craft bundle i got surprise for you , people who bots luna instance they prefer do luna mats for after gamble in the arcade game of luna to sell enchant stone that where they kinah come from !
  15. @Kibbelz @Loki I have no word both main town elyos asmo still full of bots taking snowballs Still no fix for the event Nothing new i totaly dint saw that one coming !
  16. Every event they say items will be deleted after the event end and we never saw this happening ... So who really know ?!?!?
  17. From BCM Make sure grab ur free Breath so you can get free legendary when you get 40 legendary shard/ 100 ancient shard from completing ur lugbug daily/weekly ( they reset every month ! ) ( need 2 legendary breath) (1 ancient breath ) to combine with shard to get free transformation !
  18. For pve gears the you will need renown in gelk or ingision ( by doing camp or siege )(you can get pve gears from running instance too ) Manastone you can get from killin pod in ing/gelk map , you can see on the map with icon line they spawn! For transformation if you do ur lugbug quest you will get transformation after complet weekly , or join the event when we have one ! ( by doing daily you should get legendary transformation potion too ) For deava skill you can buy from the npc in town weekly mark or the renown npc ingision/gelk , or run instance get mar
  19. You can do 1 time all camp in lakrum map , quest will give exp. With the exp you can extract it with this item this item can be buy from general shop in ingision/gelkmaros you will be able buy gears (armor weapon pvp ) for ur class there when you reach lvl 4 renown in lakrum , for acceosry will be same story but in Katalam when you get renown lvl 3 after do the camp on the other map! For pve gears the you will need renown in gelk or ingision ( by doing camp or siege )
  20. 170m 130m 600m 1,4b Invite you to check broker to make sure price accurate and see what sell more !
  21. Dude you dont have a soccer game 2 play ?
  22. @Loki @Kibbelz Hello do you guys all got fired ? Do someone still work in that compagny ? Where the maintenance note ? Hello !?!?!?
  23. So basicly for people who wonder why matheus mad cause a week ago i did a post on forum exposing people who hack and bots and his name end up in the list here the post on the forum if you want enjoy it : So now that he salty he try do a editing of one of my stream where i say i dont stream much cause i dont like do dual box on my pc and stream same time... saying: ( i get lag spike on my camera when i dual box , dont know why when i run 2 account its happening.) Just other time for you Bro. Nice flying hack Matheus pro stuff !
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