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  1. @Hosie-KT 17 part x(86x3=258)= 4,386 + 6,400 = 10,786 13,680 - 10,786= 2,904!?!?!?!? Nice crit btw bro
  2. @Kibbelz @Hime I write to Gm about it let see how many years gona take them to fix that let hope faster than the morphing design of pve enchant stone ...
  3. What if i tell you that dude is @Kibbelz and he play that toon to empty is rage from people call them out for they rubbish job they do on forum ?!?!? THey never reply on forum cause he too busy playing his toon in full paragone gears +15 one hiting people and making him feel better!
  4. 0.4 % chance to do +15 and he have a max enchant weapon paragone LEGIT AF !
  5. Only reason they extend cause they nyerk up and they gona extend time before we get 7.9 who was supose be may 5... Dude they dont care about ballance of the game all they care is the money in they pocket they dont play they game why will they care about ballance ? If they was carrying paragone gears will be easy to get and not a super whale gears aim ... Just get over it ( i only got 1 legendary aposlte and im siting on a total of 50 crit dmg dont worry i feel you! https://imgur.com/a/ccbxcnt ) Ncsoft reading that 10 page about life not fair post... ^
  6. If you play vandal you probably eat crayola for breakfest... So yeah im not surprise that you think vandal need buff LOL
  7. This weapon is for people who buy kinah let be real ... Type people never get out town alone too Cause they cant buy talent
  8. Imagine defend Valedia, you probably miss alot his/her/it post .... At end that person was talking to is self better that way belive me !
  9. You guys should just give up , you got understand every free transformation you get it thousand less in they pocket ...
  10. You Guys do realise only reason that event good cause ncsoft basily denied us auto-hunt feature so they can give us those event and sell stuff on they store... You basicly thank them for R-ping you... If we had auto hunt feature we will not need that event cause we could farm exp mark like any other region ... But with number clowns we have in NA im not surprise they ask ncsoft to make sure we dont get that feature ... So ncsoft can basily milk us on exp stars , berdin charm and that crap event with they sale of reset scroll and experience extrator ... Btw enjoy ur next month of
  11. You guys are clowns , ncsoft dont care about hacker that stuff have nothing do with that ... The real story is that ncsoft scam people and they got into lawsuit and they need update they stuff protect they self !
  12. Punish people who abuse or punish people who dint abuse !?!?! W/e if i have a desicon to do in my life i will ask ncsoft and w/e the pick they do i will do the inverse ... But seriously do anyone surprise about that ?
  13. @Kibbelz Better now than never right, dont worry bro we got you LOL
  14. @Devil-KT I dont know , what i know what i share. Dude those box are not even on aionpowerbook or anything! KR / EU never got that event so ... Yeah only time they spawn that what i know !
  15. Those are 3 type of box. THey spawn everywhere and when you find a spawn, the box will respawn in 5min with a ramdom box. You can find box in Katalam or Demaha at 7pm server time and the event last 30min.
  16. So right now its an event going ! This event start for me at (7pm server )9 pm eastern time last 30min ... AND NOBODY KNOW ! People who know will not tell you this is why. So basicly the event for what i know in Katalam and demaha everywhere you can just walk and find those chest who give 100k to 1b kinah This is not a joke btw, its not on the web page cause we all know our GM have no clue about their own game... People i ask told me that event have start last maintenance. Here some picture and info i know about GL ! THose box respawn like every 5min btw and they pretty close
  17. @Arhangelos-KT See that why you are a clown, all you write everyday on forum its clown stuff. All you do complain and talk about stuff you have no clue... W/e i do you think im cheating, you cant just accpte some people have head on they shoulder. You can call me all name you got in ur dictionary will never change fact who you are!
  18. @Arhangelos-KT During december we got a event give everyone 10-20b each ... (killing bomb mobs right ?!? ) If you will be smart about it you will had buy enchant stone and get ready for that event ... But no you here on forum where you basicly spend 95 % of ur aion time crying like normaly. Btw nobody care if you were gov yo... My gov and 2 commander on my server are mental challenged nothing to be proud, probably same on your server too just saying
  19. You can get the blade from the weekly and every daily give you 6 mats you need 30 mats for a try... Dont be a cry baby like @Archangelos-KTand if you work for it you will get it ! This dude play aion like notomorrow and was not even really for the event that so pathetic. That event probably the more f2p event make on earth by ncsoft. If you do all ur daily and weekly on ur alt you can get 48 try for those 3 weapon ... ---------21 days x 6 mats by daily = 126 mats / 30 mats for try = 4.2 try-------- x12 toon = 48 try ( what you want more !?!?!? )
  20. @Arhangelos-KT I got 6 weapon in 19 try ( 6 those try was weapon LOL) my last 2 weapon was 2 try each and my last one the blade was from the weekly and 3 bundle give me suply and i got it first try so basicly cost me 10 legendary stone LOL "I'd rather call it a day, accept that I will still be a 2nd grade player" 2nd is being generous i would had said 4th !
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