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  1. New Server Name Suggestions

    You should read what I said. To be honest I don't really know what's gonna happen, but I've been told that there won't be any more houses on this game. Js.
  2. New Server Name Suggestions

    They won't be able to buy any kind of house out there, since it's supposed to disappear after the merge. Yw.
  3. New Server Name Suggestions

    First time I won't take Lucky Vinna from survey. I'm really disappointed with the actual list. And probably it's gonna be renamed to Katalam and Danaria, they're dead already, what reminds me this game is dying so... a positive point after all.
  4. New Server Name Suggestions

    Seriously, naming servers with old city names or even new city names is the worst idea. Just find something that sounds good and have any great meaning but the old cities name. Something in common with Aion and it's fine. I'd like to name any of them as Ashtoreth (Astaroth) it would be very fun to make fan art about him and his history would be easily inserted on Aion as well.
  5. New Server Name Suggestions

    Lucem - SL/BR Tenebris - TM/IS (KR can burn)