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  1. other game companies are happy asf right now, all aion players migrating to their games. i for one have already installed archeage, ty for the much needed push NCWest
  2. @Cyan ur company is nyerking retarded dude, just like u said urself "the event is temporary" which means so are the rewards and so is your dip in money. but your gain in money via returning players for the event and continuing players after the event would earn you much more money for giving things out that are literally... nothing but coding LOL. yall are taking it way too damn serious. chill yourselves out and let your game have their 2 weeks of being treated well seeing as you havnt treated it well since it went free to play. have fun fixing this one though, ill have fun watching you guys
  3. Literally just make the items untradeable, ez fix. Not even a need to change prices. Ppl this day and age just enjoy making a mountain out of a molehill. After all it is just a temporary event and im sure it won't take long for everyone to use their gains from it. And lets not forget that within a couple of months omegas and temperings won't even exist anymore so... whats the problem.
  4. It's funny how you all farmed this thinking you were going to be rewarded. NCSoft doesn't reward casual players, only ones that don't work, eat or sleep and breathe nothing else other than Aion. I'll be sure to stay away from doing these events in the future.
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