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  1. Speak on your behalf.
  2. That's exaclty it, you just summarized my point of view.
  3. I was in the very situation you are right now. If you're really not enjoying playing in IS and keep asking yourself if they will merge or not the servers, just reroll, my friend. The question is, are you in a rush? do you want to be one of the top players in the game? If not, where's the problem to restart in Siel. There's not even endgame content right now. If I kept playing in Israphel, I would be Level 50 by now and maybe bored out of my mind, but instead, I'm farming my Kromeda weapon with a LFG packed with players doing the same. I do not regret at all, even if I'm not able to be one
  4. However, that's not the point of this topic, we already have way to many topics related to merge. The thing is, even if you're playing the IS server and are enjoying the game, despite all the problems listed in the forums, don't think too much about it, just play it.
  5. Are they really going to merge Katalam and Danaria? If that's true, it's actually recommended to keep playing Israphel until they merge servers. But, if not, I still think it's worth for people to restart in Siel. How much time it will take for them to merge servers? 2~3 months, never? are IS-players even going to be playing when the servers merge?
  6. First, I ask you to disregard my grammatical errors, because I'm not from a native English country. I'm a casual player that has been playing Aion Classic since day one. I started off as a Elyos in the IS server, but I decided to change to SIEL, previewing what would happen to the server. I was having such a blast playing it with my friend, when I decided to check the forums and see what people were talking about. That's when I had my first step back in the game. The current state of the forums not only discourage people to try the game, it also encourage people that are playing to
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