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  1. Duhhhh. I’ve designed and managed servers for many games, some of which are still on Steam. I was being Facetious. There are different spawns. I posted the one from Israphel that spawned. The were scaled up to Korea’s population and rolled the same patch over to NA. They adjusted the Dux’s health but never touched the commanders values.
  2. http://aiondatabase.net/en/npc/276870/ We found it for you, your job is half done. Now just remove a zero.
  3. RIP Siels Eastern fortress on SL Server today; the commander crit. LOL
  4. The Dux was nerfed, but the commanders have over TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTY MILLION HP. They literally THREE-HIT-KILLED the dux and took the fort in about 30 seconds flat, with near full attendance (at the current population level.) Forts are UNDEFENDABLE at the moment, and Siels East has been dredge'd five times in a row, after all 5 captures. This an incomprehensible level of incompetency. The commands are not only unkillable, they do over 8.6mil damage per use of Dragon Lord Blade... That makes it 100% impossible to pull aggro off of the Dux, and the Dux having 26mil hp fully bu
  5. I'm sorry, and you are? (aside from someone who believes themselves to be funny.)
  6. For Israphel specifically everyone seems to have gone for S rank - which is why we shot for A rank. We all work full time and decided to just get the easy kill later in the night lol. We knew we wouldn't be server first S-rank, but A-rank was unclaimed. We'll go for S tomorrow most likely because we don't think anyone else has over here.
  7. Those sure are words. I don't think I learned anything from what you said though lol. Who is ''all of us'', and did you clear? lol
  8. Idk who all has cleared yet, but my team on Israphel just killed A-Rank Calindi Flamelord. How is everyone else doing so far?
  9. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on an SM's ability to fear-lock... I can agree with this post. The de-sync is bad enough and makes it impossible for an assassin to hit somebody whilst moving in the air, the extreme number of radar hackers isn't helping. The number of people using it is astounding, including people I used to be friends with. (Obviously I'm not anymore.)
  10. I keep hearing conflicting stories and can't quite find an official source. Does anyone know what our rank requirements will be for Dark Poeta? I know the original is ~19, however I'm also hearing some say there was a change down to roughly ~15k for S-rank. Do we have an official answer on this? Thanks!
  11. For what it is worth, it seems nearly every single person punished ended up quitting anyways. Most of them even charged back all their purchases which results in a perma ban regardless. at least on Israphel I can’t think of a single person who has played since getting their gear stripped.
  12. I give you alternative viewpoints on multiple topics and your replies are childish at best. I guess I’m done trying to converse with you.
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