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  1. Oh you. Tiamat is still bae though.
  2. This. Also, don't want this crap on the (brand new and custom built) computer either. Aion already runs like shit, I don't need to add even more stuff on top of it to boot. (i7-8700, 1080ti and 16gb ram and I still crash constantly in the new zones if I'm not running like a slideshow.)
  3. Ereshkigal* This is so accurate though lol, well done.
  4. woot! I was too slow to grab Lumiel, so she'll stay WiseLumiel. feelsbad. On the plus side, I managed to get the proper spelling of Aethaerion finally on the baby sorc. (Who I really should start to level... eventually, meh)
  5. -crawls out of hole- Eyyyy I finally managed to log in, holy nyerk. ("There was an error on our end, please try again!" -shanks it-) -Have I ever mentioned my dislike of math? In particular, pre-calculus? No? Okay, well, I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. -To add, college in general, and the constant, constant shoving of political beliefs down everybody's throat. I didn't like my grandma force-feeding me as a kid. I don't like being force-fed kool-aid now. Feck off. (Ironic, how I'm enjoying the politics course though. The professor isn't as one-sided as the rest of
  6. @Cyan What happens to legions with a brigade general who hasn't logged on in nearly/over a year? As it is the legion my ranger is in, I'm the only active member now. I'd rather the legion name not be jumbled letters/numbers, at least. (And am kinda using it for extra storage. Since my toon is the only one able to invite my alts on occasion and I told our bg I'd keep that particular toon in legion for him while he's away from the game, along with having actually been in the legion for over 5? years, at minimum, so I kinda don't want to just leave, y'know?) Am I just SOL?
  7. I wish they would have kept the old-old claws, the new claws, along with keeping the original manes/the smoother ones and just let asmos choose which of the three options to use for both. It would've been a nice touch, and imo was a missed opportunity.
  8. Original Thread by Miyano. Nemsenpai on magic classes and silence bury: Back to stigmas,
  9. Ahh, grats! Unicorn on the first try, DD tunic (orb set) DD hat.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Desh, your art is amazing. And one day I'll have the irl kinahs to commission you.
  11. My asmos shall remain on IS. The lone BR asmo I have will be transferred there as well. Elyos will stay on SL.
  12. Padmarashka (SL/BR) and Sematariux (IS/TM/KR) - my personal favorites if we can't have Ariel/Azphel.
  13. I'd be happy to have sigs back. I miss my rotating banner though. Was actually thinking of making an actual rotating gif, but lazy. And don't feel like editing screenshots.
  14. Ranger figures it was time to revive pro Ranger guide to Rangerings. Even better is that most of this guide is still relevant to the game now, excluding things like Call Gryphu and some notes on the stigmas.
  15. I want to smack every single person I see that uses it. Especially when they sit around and unsheath/sheathe their weapons constantly. -Level reduction stones keep failing on this earring. Got -2 the first go and all have failed since.
  16. Something go your way? Someone send you a random gift, or finally got that piece of armor you've been trying to get? Have a character turn out to be better-than-expected ingame? You know the drill. Seeing as this isn't the Pet Peeve thread, do feel free to name names. -Got my new sin to 66, leveling sin is surprisingly fun. -New forums, have I mentioned them yet?
  17. Youth voice get on your nerves? Have a bad PUG group? Failed an enchant or something else got ya annoyed with the game? Feel free to complain in here. No naming names, or hackusations without proof - basically aion's TOS/rules of conduct, yadda yadda yadda. Peeve: Female seductive/youth voice, male callous voice. Capital i as lowercase L.
  18. This. Peeve: Woman, you say you hate chocolate, which is cool because that means more for me. And without fail, every time you are here you eat ALL of my chocolate. Every. Time. Even when I've clearly marked off stuff that I've gotten for myself,. (or that a friend got me, in this case.) GTFO
  19. I thought it was something odd on my end, huh. Cheese, that's hy I'm so glad I'm an old child.
  20. I took it to mean the newst servers on NA - Kahrun and Beritra. Both servers are small, their economies are nothing like Siel or Israphel (TM as well, I assume?) and the inflation on Siel in particular is going to upset a lot of people from BR. Especially when a whole bunch of people on BR rerolled to get away from Siel (and IS, but that point is moot.)
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