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  1. Sure enough, the Asmos are not hacking by any means. You can keep defending your faction, the game is over anyway. Yeah I bet you definitely turned around with the huge amount of players that joined! This is exactly where Siel is headed, same way it happened with IS just 1 month ago. The only people left there are the ones heavily invested who are hoping for a merge/transfer at some point. Same thing will happen with Asmos here as the Eylos leave more and more (dont trust me, just look at what happened with IS). If you really think people will keep playing while being harasse
  2. Again, asmos dont try on lowers and you know it. Just look at a the number difference between lowers and uppers, you will notice over 100 people difference from which almost all are level 50s, and most are from the top asmo legions. Of course you can take the fort when the other faction is not trying to defend it. Now why dont you talk about the asmos hacking to unapproachable places kisking over elyos DC entrance grieving the people who are trying to level and gear?
  3. Im not trying to start any match, Im just pointing out the reality me and others are experiencing. You can keep thinking everything is fine, you are ahead of the curve, you are geared, you are probably farming upper forts for AP and can compete when asmos show up, you dont have to worry about stuff 80% of the faction are doing now, you are probably having fun playing solo killing some ppl. But the reality of majority the faction is different.
  4. I literally posted some minutes ago. All the ap farming/leveling/gearing spots are camped by asmos. You cant farm any of the things u mentioned for any more than like 10-15min. 3 groups for upper fort repetables? if you find one you are already very lucky
  5. This just show how out of reality you are
  6. Because they know they cant win if they fight without it. Farm lower abyss repeatables? its camped by lv50 geared asmos. There is constantly groups of sorcs and glads there wiping groups trying to do repeatables. Upper forts guards? Also camped by asmos, any time a group of elyos is trying to farm an asmo that teleports there call 6 more and wipe that group. Heiron to do quests? also camped by l50 asmo groups or alliances who cant find pvp in abyss (because whoever tries to go to abyss is killed) DC for exp or loot? if there is no group camping the entrance there is ppl invis
  7. Do you realize they are not even trying? They dont care about lower sieges. This siege was pseudo-organized elyos against random asmos, and elyos still cant put up a fight. When its siege to capture upper fort, Asmos can pull 500 easily and end siege before 30min, just look at any past siege. or any world boss attempt from elyos side. And of course any asmos gonna come here and say: "Keep struggling, I already farmed my stuff and invested a lot on this game, I want to have my fun." Asmos can do whatever they want and Elyos cant do anything about it, and that is not balanced and not
  8. Over 50% of the population of both servers is just waiting 3-4 days for another game release/CBT because classic NA is over
  9. You just proved my point that asmos have more content, and again, the game is irreparably over and asmos won. Elyos cant attack balaur (because the asmos will be there) and cant attack asmos. Asmos can attack balaur and elyos. Even if its only a couple and few in number attending world boss, its still more content than Elyos. The moment asmos decide to do anything (fort, world boss, guard farming, abyss repetables), elyos just give up because they know they cant fight. But you can keep telling yourself that everything is fine, again, this just prove my point that asmos will take lon
  10. They can actually go to siege in small scale and still be competitive and do all world bosses.
  11. Asmos are way more invested money and time wise in the game than elyos (they also have more content to do), so by the time they decide to quit or reroll the elyos population will be long gone. Merge is not happening until the server is empty. They recently merged retail servers that had like 3% population capacity, so maybe when Siel/Israphael get to this population they will merge. If they wanted to merge at higher population they could have done that on retail ages ago.
  12. Do you realize this can only ever happen on balaur forts in UA (which there is none) and because it was a weekend siege and asmos were split on the other 2 other forts they control while trying to take the balaur fort???? And on the next week the same thing happened and they still captured the balaur fort????? Elyos cant capture UA fort from asmos but asmos can get any fort from elyos whenever they want. If you think this is balanced and is just about leadership and artifact using you for sure need to evaluate better what you think of sieges. And again sieges is just one of the problems
  13. If you have fun and want to spend you time being harassed by overgeared numbers while trying to catch up, feel free to continue playing. But dont expect others to be with you, specially when there are other alternatives
  14. They cant do anything, its over, asmos won. Even if they give 200k ap to all elyos, wouldnt be enough to catch up, and they are definitely not doing that. And doing that will just make more ppl quit Its just over, there is no solution, its just a matter of time.
  15. Yeah? have u seen the difference in level 50s? besides having more number, still have WAAAY more ap. And if u think there will be any organized effort from elyos to do anything besides the defending guilds pugging to try to keep their forts, u are on a different server
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