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  1. Just make a gear set with nothing or a skin and switch to it at 1mil points.
  2. I am utterly dumbfounded at the rewards list, I just can not even fathom that anyone at NCWest thought this was ok..
  3. Oh damn, my brother of Blue, Thank you Cyan.
  4. 50/50 IMHO you should be able to turn in the quests at anytime whether you have prestige or not. If you completed the task(s) you should be able to receive the awards. IIRC you could still use the prestige coin vendor w/o prestige, why would there be any limit on turning in a quest? But you should not gain any abnormal/early reset.
  5. Beat me to it! (Had to finish Tacos)
  6. IDK about the RNG part, I stopped opening the boxes (crafted or otherwise) during the first week of the Vandal as I and other vandals I asked in /4 were all getting only the bottom row of daev skills (Resurrection Chroma-Transcendent Chroma-Chromatic Resistance-Chromatic Aura). I personally got 7 chromatic auras in a row before I stopped RNG that bad shouldn't be possible. Is it safe to open them now? lol
  7. Yeah I ran into this same issue and put this together from reading other games forums to find hopefully the right way: To remove xigncode (win10 for me idk if it will be the same for all): in your Aion folder look for a folder named xigncode (delete it) - in your windows folder look for a file named xhunter1.sys (delete it) - Then if you are comfortable with regedit, open it with admin rights [Windows Key then start typing registry editor and right click the registry editor icon and run as admin] and search for xhunter key (delete it, the system will ask you if you are sure you want to de
  8. In the BCM, many pets details do not specify that they are pets with pouches or how many slots they have. Some of the pictures show a pouch/backpack on the pet but that still leaves the question of how many slots there are.
  9. On a side note, if they're removing xigncode, we can go back to 64bit I assume ; )
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