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  1. "Im going to try again this weekend. Hopefully have better rates. Because its expensive to do multiple DP runs lol. Scales are extremely expensive atm.
  2. Anyone else wonder if they actually increased the drop rates in DP for the event? I got to do 2 runs yesterday an A rank(Killing all the bosses) and a Speed S(killing Lake bosses, Trees and then rushing to Anuhart Area) and saw a no weapon from A rank or S rank(Tahabata dropped a blue sheild) and barely any golds. No double gold drops at all or anything? Was it just bad luck or are people experiencing the same thing? Also note that I am a SM and had spirit erosion on bosses as well for increased loot chance(I know it doesnt affect it much) @Kibbelz maybe you can correct me if I am wrong?
  3. I agree 100% with a Merge. IS Asmo here, 10pm Eastern Time yesterday: 2 grps in LFG. I decided to make a Asmo char on Siel and there were over 20 groups in LFG. IS is dead and unplayable. I cant say for Ely side on IS and Siel but I do know that Ely side on both servers can benefit from a Merge because Siel Elys get reinforcements. Theres a good ammount of Legions on Ely IS that can help Siel Ely pvp during sieges. The few asmos on IS that are left would just be a small help to Siel Asmos. In my case it would actually give me a reason to log on. Right now I cant run Adma or DC without waiting
  4. Dude honestly Noise is the biggest nyerk in the game. You mean to tell me that 6+ dots on out and you clenase w/o cleric? Flight speed like nyerking flash or something? insta cast 4k dp. Come on bro. Devs wont do shit and you know it. On top of it you just fight in upper abyss with you little group of pussies as well. You never rift cause you know you will get shit on in 1.5seconds. Camping leveling groups is all you know how to do. You are just a joke and im tired of people defending Elyos on IS saying shit is fair. Be real and use a brain
  5. Lol. Top legions worried about loosing? This is a joke right? Top elyos legions defend their low levels? Another joke. Of course everyone on the server INCLUDING the elyos side knows that Noise and his grps are hacking. Idk where youve been going or looking but ive been able to do upper repeats for 2 days straight and actually get good reps in. Once we start getting zerged or are pvping more than questing then thats that and I head to Brust to keep questing.
  6. What people 12 years later still refuse to realize. Aion is NOT a Pve focused game. The game is more focused on PvP more than anything. If NC doesnt do anything then it will die out faster than it should. You mean to tell me that a month exactly into launch. One server is basically dead. Its impossible to do Pve content due to low pop. Impossible to PvP because you are just outgeared/lvled. Right now on IS try going into the Abyss to do Upper Fort Repeatable and you get met with 1-2 groups of Elyos that are not only WAY more geared than anyone. They use hacks/tools on top of it i.e. no cast an
  7. ok whats the point of this? Cause all you did was post SS of old messages.
  8. Lol Noise, Summon, Duckyquack.... see those 3 people make Asmos just leave. All they do all day is just dive towers and TP and kill Asmos trying to level. Reasons like that is why I cant wait for transfers or merge tbh cause they wont be able to abuse like that. just nyerking pathetic
  9. Its just dead. You cant do Upper repeatables because the same groups just camp and dive towers. Cant take a fort. Elys just have a choke hold on Asmos on IS and well we cant do shit about it.
  10. We saw the DMs lol It clearly stated If Asmos want to take a Fort Sanctus will not be going after Asteria, Roah or Sulfur
  11. Asmo on IS legit have 0 chance of anything. Its so bad for both sides that Elys ACTUALLY dmed Asmodians to "Let" them Take Sulfur like seriously? Elys are so much more powerful than us that they decided lets throw them a bone? At least Elyos on Siel put up a good fight. Asmos on IS would rally 1 league and be met by one league on Artis while another league just chilled at the fort waiting and see if we made it.......... use your brain man. 1 month into launch IS is pretty dead. LFG Had maybe 5 -6 grps during PEAK hours bro.
  12. Head to retail? Retails been dead for a while now. But not even 1 month into a launch and a server is already dead? Thats a huge red flag that cant be overlooked. Yes we have more forts to do repeats but its impossible when they same 5 elys are just flying around camping all upper forts and just killing everyone....... groups end up disbanded and welp cant level. If you really think that we dont need a server merger you hoenstly dont have a brain or logic. We are trying to level lol. But its kinda hard when the best flow of XP is upper/lower repeats but the forts get constantly camped by
  13. Lol Israphel is just nyerked. Cant even go into the Abyss. Even teleporters are being camped and dove. No fort repeatables. No pop and you tell me that its ok and not to merge? seriously people use your brains.
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