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  1. Just got this bad boy the other day after solo farming BoS and FM for skill books.

    It's super fun to use, and there's a lot of pew pew -- although I still would prefer the stumble bomb version since I mostly PvP. What I found out though was that this and the other version inflict short range AoE damage! I'll update the guide to add these little details and some personal screenshots.

  2. 13 hours ago, BeritraVice-KT said:

    Super happy to get some guidance! This guide is very comprehensive, but I do have a quick question- what magical accuracy/magical attack stats should we be shooting for in the PvP gear?

    I'm glad the guide could help a fellow cipher boi! Those stats are still something I'm working out myself, and I will update the guide the moment I get the relevant information. All I can say for now is there is greater emphasis on crit spell than raw magical attack.

    10 hours ago, MechBird-DN said:

    A liltle add to the guide:

    Mounting Frustration gives 800 PvE defense when active.

    Just found this out a couple days ago, too! I'll add it as well as the fact it decreases Magical Attack by 200.

  3. On 1/13/2018 at 11:13 PM, Antungongw-DN said:

    Aethertechs need some love, just saying.

    If only we could directly tell that to NC.


    On 1/17/2018 at 11:34 PM, Commission-DN said:

    5.8 Crucible Spire Full Run Aethertech Point of View~  Includes all 40 Floors. (No 75 xforms!)

    I haven't done it since it was changed. It seems to take a lot more time that it used to.


    On 1/24/2018 at 9:45 PM, Gotfinched-KT said:

    What an amazing class, that's what drew me to this game compared to other MMORPGs.

    Indeed, I used to main cleric but wanted to try something unique and I never turned back :)


    On 1/25/2018 at 5:00 AM, Neleth-KT said:

    Just leveled an AT 65 in 3 days it's a very good experience love RC a lot it's so OP while leveling :D

    Especially in Besh it's a balaur slayer. I love it!



    On a new note. Here are the skill changes for ATs as found on the EU server!


  4. Indeed it does. It may be hard to see sometimes because since it's a charge skill, you can use a lot of other skills together within the time it would have taken to charge to do about the same amount of damage. The AoE effect is the main perk of this skill since it acts as a beam. So it's great for handling lots of balaur, like adds or clusters in besh; that's where it really shines.

  5. I love solo PvP. If I'm ever in a group, I'm usually with my gunner friend or cleric friend (who just got into open world recently), but i'm usually on my own. I personally think it's a much better way of evaluating and developing your own skill (without the need for heals or babysitting). You are right though, it's extremely hard to find 1v1s in open world. The most popular solo pvpers are classes than can heal themselves like a songweaver or chanter and sins/rangers because they can pick their fights while in stealth.

  6. 10 hours ago, 1s34E159-KT said:

    I wonder if this guide is the reason why Ahserion Cipher-blades are such a rip off compared to other weapons.

    I'm teetering on whether or not this is a bad thing. I did notice an incline in the amount of ATs I've see online which does make me happy.

    On 10/29/2017 at 11:49 PM, PeachyPaladin-KT said:

    I am surprised at how this thread has progresses and I'm encouraged o make my AT's in the future.

    Looks like the previous quote guessed correctly haha.

    On 11/2/2017 at 8:31 PM, Commission-DN said:

    Some stuff pointing out that is not correct (or just outdated), or other interesting points:

    1. Drillbore does NOT remove a Sorcerer's Boon of Iron Clad. I tested it out. 

    2. The manastones should be Knowledge at least 80% of the time. You should stop using it once you have too much Knowledge for diminishing returns or you are socketing Precision mixed with Knowledge.

    3. Damage godstones are still ok in PvE, but in PvP since almost everyone you face has godstone activation suppression thanks to the archdaeva skill and the 75 ap set, it will get resisted literally all the time and going something like Silence or Blind is the preferred choice in PvP. (I recommend having 2 cipher-blades for both Silence and Blind) I also do not recommend Paralyze as it gets resisted too often for it to be useful, and Stun is not all that useful since the stun isn't all that long.

    4. In the next major patch (5.8) dredgion defense will be removed. This means that either the Sophisticated Frigida set will be a legacy set or it will be obtained some other way.

    5. If you have at least 2.8k MA in PvE removing all Precision from Essence is a wise choice since it gives you more points to put in other attributes such as skills.




    Some good information here.

    1. You may want to retest this, because I've tried it on sorcs before and after your claim and it has worked. I don't know yet if this effects the archdaeva version, but the normal version is indeed breakable.

    2. The gear setups I gave were based on a small budget, knowledge stones are always nice, but I mainly encourage people to get magic boost until they're swimming in kinah.

    3. Yes, I did change this with the update a while back. Silence has to be the #1 pick, since mainly every classes' utility skills can be silenced. Clerics and Songweavers can be incredibly pesky to bury.

    4. Already? We literally just got it though. But as someone said above it would be nice if this would at least be a legacy skin, perhaps obtainable through aertherforging?

    5. I agree. But for lower level ATs I would recommend using essence (as opposed to socketing) to obtain a steady amount of magical accuracy to even hit most archdaeva mobs. As their gear gets better they can remove it entirely. My MA with full harvesters is just about 2.8 (with bastion mount) which is suitable for any instance.

    Also those are some pretty impressive stats! However, I believe if you're going to share your stats that you do so without buffs.

  7. You need to make a balance with your MP management otherwise your DPS is going to be punished because you're either focusing too hard on damaging skills or too much on losing MP. Socket Aether recharge and learn to work siphoning stab into your rotation. Sure it might not do that much damage, but you'll maintain a sustained level of MP while using your stability thrusters and battery. Keeping your mp from running out in the first place prevents hiccups in your rotation. Furthermore, Aethertechs aren't sorcs or assassins; you're not going to be dropping nukes or weaving -- you need focus on using your buffs, maximizing your attack speed and using Kinetic whenever it's off cool down. There was a rotation I used back in IS and some Arch Instances which easily pushed me to either top or second DPS. I haven't PvE'd in a while, but I'll give you my 0 cooldown rotation once my computer is up and running again for me to test.

  8. Super thrilled this guide actually helped and inspired you all! It makes the time it took to make it worth it. I would answer a lot of your questions and add a lot more content to the guide but I cannot edit the original post for whatever reason (it may be due to the forum rules); but, I'll be making a part two to the guide in just a few days once I finish some more school related things. Thank you all for reading the guide!

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