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  1. Even on this you guys fail! the Quest its in Morhein, NOT Beluslan! Prepare for Battle Prior to taking on Gojira, Daevas may wish to secure the daily quests available to their faction in the Heiron or Beluslan Fortresses. Once acquired, these quests will reward you for taking down Gojira or its spawn: ‘Gojira’s Baby’. A one-time quest will be available which grants special rewards.
  2. Nevermind you just need to choose North America before you login for it to show up.
  3. New Launcher doesnt recognise my game install dir, do i need to do something spectacular so it recognise it? Like everyone else i have it installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Aion Help would be apreciated thank you Yours trully Vullyevil
  4. Hello guys, Since last update for Aion, game crashes all the time, sometimes i cant even get to pin screen because it just closes, anyone else having this problem? Have already tried new grafic drives and still happens, cant go mutch more back on drivers because i recently changed my GPU to a 1660 Super OC. I disabled Reduce the lag an all works fine for now. But i need RTL or my ping will go up to 300ms Event error: (sorry in Portuguese). Nome da aplicação com falha: aion.bin, versão: 7220.925.131.15250, carimbo de data/hora: 0x5e33baa3 Nome do módulo com falha: re
  5. Icerunerk is in running out of time to make sculptures! He’s short on supplies and requires the help of all Daevas to find Ice Hammers around Ateria. Provide Icerunerk with the Ice Hammers he needs and he’ll handsomely reward you! When did we lost Atreia? copied from : https://www.aiononline.com/news/icerunerks-winter-sculpting
  6. @Cyan I also just need 1 piece of the contract is there anyway we can get that last piece?
  7. Hello @Cyan , Shouldnt the Boss in BOS have loot rights enabled? Dungeon Challenge Bosses in select instances will have a chance to drop a reward box for all party members. A reward box will offer one of the following items as a random reward: Piece of Frostspark gear (specific pieces and rarities vary depending on the instance) Cute Minion Contract (14 Types) Minium (A-C Grade) Silver Cubicle Bundle Shard Bundle A reward box will also have a chance of providing a bonus reward: 100% Enchantment Stone Bundle Reward boxes can be found i
  8. you mean you guys didnt get the Vandal skin? in EU you get it upon geting to lvl 80...from a quest...in Lahkrun...
  9. Cant teleport to Red Mane Cave from map teleporting, need fix.
  10. Why dont they shut it down already, why giving false hopes to people if they really want to shut it down?
  11. I just noticed that Specialized Obelisk its starting the Timer of Superior Healing Potion, https://imgur.com/a/dHzn29p
  12. What is the point of having a anti cheat software that you make all of us install it! when it does nothing?
  13. What you mean in the future? like we need to buy a camaro and be friends of a grey head cientist?
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