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  1. Ok. Keep the cameras on. In 10 years of this game i dont think i have ever seen anyone hack. Bot sure. But not hack. Lol. Please post whatever you find here for everyone. Imagine needing to edit ur game code to know how to get to zap. Sad world people live in. How is that a speed hack? Changing visuals seems pretty easy but thats not at all related to what you said up there. You said atk cast and movement speed. pro tip for zap. Change ur movement speed to walk by hitting period and use click to move in settings to walk down bridge. No hack needed.
  2. If only we had cross server instance queuing. Would fix some of the issues for IS.
  3. Are you aware of the kinah exploit? Theres one rn that bots are doing that generates 4-500mil a day. Makes candies inconsequential.
  4. Also. I dont believe messing w a cfg file gives u speed hacks. Thats pretty nuts. Maybe you should consider the gear most of sanctus has as well. Pair that with a poor connection you may have to the server and it explains ur issues. When bolvig has been killed, he doesnt attack elyos even tho he is standing there. As for the adds around bolvig they have smaller aggro ranges. Ive seen plenty of times in sanctus where someone is hit by a meteor and u cant see them. Its just how aion has always been. also yes this “sweating” did happen on release. Every top guild was fighting
  5. 100% a meteor. Was this ur first time in abyss? It happens all the time. No one in sanctus is hacking. Lol. Maybe ur connection to the server is just horrible.
  6. Cross server instance queueing would fix some things. also should offer some kind of crazy leveling incentive to is asmos. And lock siel asmo creation until numbers from elyos are even.
  7. The asmos havnt taken the offer yet. Doesnt sound like they are going to. But id imagine they would have 15-20 unorganized randoms to fight
  8. Only way that will happen is if asmos try. Even if u lose. Spend all week advertising sieges. Get all the guilds to participate. It wont get better by giving up. It happened in retail back in the day. Is-elyos participation in sieges is about 140 roughly. Based on league size. Not impossible for asmos to match. Esp since elyos dont have a siege discord. Not as much communication. Could be advantage for asmos. also asmos basically would still have to earn a fort against some elyos. Just the big elyos guilds wouldnt form. Cant control everyone so there would still be a fight. Could
  9. At no point did the elyos on Is have close to 600 ppl for siege. At peak week one maybe 200 elyos sieged. But thats a stretch. Now its like 140 elyos at a siege on IS. no clue what IS siege numbers for asmos are bc they dont try anymore.
  10. To be fair. IS Elyos offered to let asmos take a fort and they declined. Dont blame IS elyos for the asmos problems. We want a balanced server as much as you do. Its boring not having anyone to fight. Asmos hide from even the small gang pvp. I couldnt tell you why IS asmos dont have as many lvl 50s as elyos. (Outside of ncwest stupid decision to do a 100% xp buff on siel asmo side) maybe, If its there are no hard core guilds or people are just way more casual on asmo side, but its shocking. Cant blame a basic asmo disadvantage in terms of questing locations in your zones bc that disp
  11. 41+16 is far less than 100. I dont see ur logic. Server wouldnt be full. Lol
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