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  1. You say to not slot attack as a ranger. If you reach the cap why wouldn't you?
  2. Does attack increase damage on skills for a ranger? Or is it only the skill damage in description? Also, I see 2 crit caps talked about. 440 for the soft cap, and then I see others say it is maxed out at 500 for 50% (not including strike resist in this). Any insight into this would be very much appreciated. Thank you. P.S. please merge both servers NC ❤️
  3. Later in the day on launch day I wasn't even allowed to make a character on Siel. It forces Israphel
  4. Re-rolling would take so much time nobody will do that
  5. Hey Aioners, Finding a group is nearly impossible on Israphel and the difficulty has peaked over the past 10 days. Not sure if it is related to these bans that happened, but I'm thinking about not playing anymore If I could buy a transfer I would go to Siel in a heartbeat. What do you all think about merging the servers? Capacity still wouldn't be near limit and zones have different channels if necessary! Ease of finding a group is the determining factor for me renewing Siel's Aura and at right now I'm not going to. This isn't some low level noob rant btw, I'm experiencing thi
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