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  1. Show me you gaining 2m +ap in aion 1.2.
  2. You must not be lvl 50, have every pve item you need, every pvp item you need, on a dead ass server (IS) and waiting perpetually on something new todo to help convince yourself not to play a different game. That's the only rational way a human could think the thoughts your thinking. (Respect to your opinion though)
  3. You've got to be nyerking kidding me.....Noone cares about your dumb shit scavenger hunt or your dumb shit wing buff or your dumb shit xp buff.
  4. So Ive made some progress on this Sneak. Are your accessories the same items? If they are not, simply dragging the gear to the macro and dropping (assuming the accessories are named differently) does allow me to equip both slots.
  5. The only way this will even be considered due to player recommendations is if we spam the forum with it everyday.
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