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  1. ^this I actually don't mind skimpy gear like the Udas set.. but this school girl stuff is ugly, especially those big bows.
  2. That or they need to apply the cube designed for quest items now. Plus give us pack pets that are actually permanent - no more 30 day pets!
  3. You have an event coming up where you want us to invite our friends to play. With the way the game is going I wouldn't invite anyone. And I know a lot of people who have left because of it. You make us pick up white items, which is such a pain to do, especially in a fast paced group. You don't even let people without aura get any items at all. This game is going down hill fast. Put the game back the way it was! Also, you need to make a baby dredgion so people of lower levels can make ap faster. No one is playing your game now because of the restriction we cannot rift to get ap! It's ridicul
  4. Sovalle


    Why do we have to keep pressing "Start Game" over and over and over again before it finally takes? It's annoying af! Oh, but it literally takes 3 seconds to buy Quna.
  5. The problem is you let us be able to purchase them knowing full well they were not the intended rewards we all thought they were going to be. You should be ashamed of yourselves for pulling a bait and switch like that. And then not refunding us when it was CLEARLY YOUR ERROR. /looking for they keywords class action suit
  6. Can you post a link to the server status page?
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