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  1. I can't speak on who's hacking on elyos side, but I see a lot of asmos DO hack in abyss and dredge. (rooting me at 35 meters, teleporting to chase me when I'm rank 1 or 2). I live in east coast and have 30-40 pings consistently without using any VPN. If they killed me at 26 meters or even 30 meters, then it might be the ping difference, but this can't be right for people with common sense. Seriously, most innocent players don't hack not because they can't afford it, like $40-$50 dollars a month subscription (Hello Chicago or some shit) is nothing more than buying a few coffee in the m
  2. I've been in Abyss for a while and I can confirm that following players are hacking and ruining the game. Legit players are getting nyerked up by hackers everyday lol. (Thanks for suspending the AP traders last week!) Siel Elyos: Mrzzfish Siel Asmos: Iguana, Control, Teemomeow, Rabbies
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