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  1. Yet ur still defending them? They sold us the wrong stuffs? The least human-manor-common-sense they should do is "apologizes" to us and refund us the Quna. If this were taken to plaintiff you know I will get my Quna back right? For another example, you go to dealership, dealership know car have issues, obviously you as buyer wouldn't know and you bought the car? Then later, after you purchased you found out car is fked up but dealer wont let you return it? Somehow you 're still defending them? Either you're hating us as "p2w" type while you should be thanking us "p2w" type. We're providing t
  2. So they aware of the issues, instead of disable deava pass in game, yet they still let you purchase it? and I don't go on forum like every 5 mins to check if there any changes bro......Obviously they made a mistake, game is screwed up and they expect us to held accountable for their mistakes? I understand you're not in my shoes so you don't care but damn you're backing up Ncsoft for their mistakes. Which I dont get it.
  3. I bought premium deva pass way before the "emergency maintenance" But regardless, I expect them to return the Quna atleast! Since they shipped me the wrong items? Cant expect me to get a Nokia when I purchased for an Iphone.
  4. I will try to keep it as short as possible. Yesterday before the emergency maintenance, I saw the deva pass premium rewards once you unlocked lvl 45 with items a,b,c, etc...I was like the items seem good, so I decided to purchase $250 worth of Quna. I unlocked the lvl 45 deva premium pass for total of 5.5k Quna ( which around $120). After I unlocked the premium pass, for some reason server was lag or bugged I could not claim the items, even though they took my Quna. Few hours later, they had an emergency maintenance. I logged in after maintenance to claim my rewards, I was surprised th
  5. I'm not sure this will get any attentions but since I summited ticket haven't heard back, called all of the NCsoft's locations but the numbers seem like got put up there just for show can't never get hold of any representatives on all locations I called. 1) Yesterday before the emergency maintenance. The premium deva pass offered good reward items so I decided to purchased $250 (12,000 quna) to unlock lvl 45 premium deva pass and to get those reward items deava pass has to offer. So I unlocked premium lvl 45 deva pass (about $120) and somehow game was bugged I could not claim those ite
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