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  1. Did you not read the bit where I said....Please people, don't just say, then play another game. smh
  2. I'm back in Siel now. It's all good.
  3. I think I'll persever a wee bit. But just a bit at a time. Yes it certainly would be better if I could do things without the worry that I'd get attacked. Thank you for replying to my thread x
  4. Hi all. I don't really like pvp, as I suffer with anexiety alleady. In ways, I'd like to play pvp without getting anxious/nervous. Please people, don't just say, then play another game. But I do like doing the games quests/tasks whatever you wanna call it etc... Running around gathering, fighting NPC's. I'm certainly not new to mmorpg's been playing them for decades. Neither am I new to Aion. But my anexiety has worsened over the years. I'm in two minds whether I will continue playing Aion, what with all the bots etc. I'm happy to sub, but I really don't want to pay extra for passes
  5. Nevermind. I'm in Siel now..Phew!
  6. Sorry. They've delete Siel? For real? Or have I missread?
  7. Here we go agaain, same as yesterday. unable to log in to Siel.
  8. same here. can't get in. I first noticed that I couldn't find anything at the trade office, thingy. lol. so re-logged and now can't get back in
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