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  1. All I can say is. keep crying, you all know you did something to earn the lock/ban. NC isn't a new company, they do know how a cheating code looks on the database. Fool yourself as much as you want, you can't fool a database record.
  2. every company does some mistakes sometimes, not just NC, but MOST of them are boting or buying gold and they just come here crying like a cheating partner will cause that's the only thing left. Cry and say - "I did nothing" over and over. So yeah there are some mistakes but I bet most of them are not mistakes. NC isnt new, they really know how to spot a bot/cheat on the databases they just don't do it frequently enough. Because yeah they dont do it on the game but on the database
  3. I have been playing with macros today and I have made some really good ones but they are only for PvE on easy situations. If you are on a hard fight or PvP you really want the best control on what skill you use at the right moment. I have no sorc so I don't know the skills but I can share one I made for a my low Templar. Now I use variables to control the delay cause it will be different on each weapon set (1handed vs 2handed) and situations (like having buffs, or weapons with % attack speed etc. So there is no perfect time for this, you need to spent some time with the dummies trying out
  4. I was playing with macros with my Chanter and I wanted to be able to buff the whole party with only 1 button so I made this which will enable to cycle the whole party with just 1 macro You have to set your variables to: /Variable 0 /Select [Self] /Variable 1 /Select [Group1] /Variable 2 /Select [Group2] /Variable 3 /Select [Group3] /Variable 4 /Select [Group4] /Variable 5 /Select [Group5] /Variable 6 /Select [Self] and for example the 2 buffs I have atm /Variable 8 /Skill Blessing of Health I /Variable 9 /Skill Blessing of Rock I Then the m
  5. Same here no passing the server select screen this is a different error, this happens on a pc level, Just restart your session it should work again
  6. I dk if this works or it just worked but I logged in the Iraphel server and then went back to siel and i was able to log
  7. umm I was online few mins ago. I got disconnected and now when I select the server it stays on the select server window and never goes in
  8. In any group the "leader" is able to state any kind of rules for entrance as he/she pleases. If they don't like LGBT++ is up to them. That does not mean they hate them. I don't mind LGBT+s on my groups since this is a game and I don't really care much who are you (i do have LGTB friends in rl but I also know some that I dont tolerate, as also i know straight persons who i dont tolerate or even hate) . But that attitude where they say they dont want them and instantly saying they are retarded or a disgrace, etc is making their point very clear.
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