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  1. Prestige needs to be revamped

    Yep, not renewing mine as well.....theres just no real benefit towards it even the instance increase is useless now.
  2. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    I don't know to be honest lol who has seen this much activity since 4.0? lol I think the gp system is a great way to keep people that want to maintain rank active. There's action everywhere now its just so awesome!
  3. What the BOT?

    Bots are beneficial to the serve now due to the changes in drops / trading what not. Best not to disturb the bots or the next complaint is there is no way to make kinah to afford items on broker anymore. Bots keep the costs low on broker.
  4. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    Fixed it for ya - Need to be specific in pointing out the real differences in Teams between Gameforge and NCWest 1)Unlike @Cyan and her Team - They actually put items on the BCM people want. 2)Unlike @Cyan and her Team - They have events--multiple at the same time 3)Unlike @Cyan and her Team - They talk to their people instead of just ignore (eta's and upcoming changes) 4/3 for 6.5 and scheduled updates with REAL people. 4)Unlike @Cyan and her Team - They are updating the game and not a bunch of ass hats that won't answer any questions 5)Unlike @Cyan and her Team - Can Gameforge buy the rights to N/A and we just have the same version they have? Because these pitiful nyerks we have are sorry as the day is long and absolutely clueless. Gameforge is just greedy, NCWEST is in shambles.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    @Cyan sorry but you and your team are disrespectful to the community. If I was the boss of that team I'd slap everyone for the rotten decisions taken against the community. Frauds within the gaming industry. End of story*
  6. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    yea a lot of the learning curve was removed from the game it really is not meant for new players just existing die hard players that can deal with the CM teams bullshit
  7. Community Management Team

    There's a reason why NCSoft is needing to restructure NCWest and you can bet your donkey side community management is a major part of the problem. This is to NCWest and all the community management teams and yes you too Cyan for all your bs ..!.. - those resumes are going to be a joke when it comes time to find a new job. Anyone in the gaming industry Is going to laugh simply seeing that listing on the resume. You all can go to H E double hockey sticks for stealing from your player base and ruining games that could have been as successful as other prominent games.
  8. Berdin stars are back!

    Lol Berdin stars.....and that price for something that dies out instantly....crooked attempts are getting serious again just like before 6.0.... I would say the Black Cloud is a representation of community managers....and the black cloud is once again becoming infested with idiotic and stupid listings I wonder why.... ooops 6.0 has the same management team on as pre 6.0 lol.....sorry
  9. The current cycle and how it can be improved

    They could make the dredge mobs a lot harder to kill / take dmg from that way training becomes difficult as far as it going to be pvp everyone knows when their team loses so they usually just afk so theres no fix there really >.<
  10. Gota be careful NCSoft has great theft tactics against its player base.
  11. AION 2 Mobile

    might as well be aion two with them spoiling how the war between dragon lords and empyrean lords went.....what a waste of time to wait for more aion expansions.....
  12. Ultimate stones enchanting rate is S**T

    Ain't asking for anything other than to be fair - NCSoft has taken away enough and done little for its players aside from ambushing them with fake updates. 6.0 contains more recycled content then original content.
  13. Ultimate stones enchanting rate is S**T

    lol you gota love how ncsoft buttered up everyone for the "omg its an early release on enchanting updates congrats guys!" oh geez oh geez thanks!..... on that note I had 20 legendary stones and unfortunately my legendary plume never passed +11.....ah well lol im used to the crap by now this game went from nyerking great to let us rob you as much as we can.....ie time money and effort @Cyan @Hime Hope you don't put this job on your resume lol (Example: Hello Cyan/Hime I see you were community manager for Aion and here you are trying to join us at Square Enix. Sorry though, I don't believe we're going to take a chance on angering our player base after all ours are immensely appreciative of our customer service & dev teams efforts. Secrets aren't part of our work environment and we take pride on being an open book.) What game company is going to appreciate hiring people that contributed to a vitriol environment?

    What about Blessing of Wind and Pledge of Earth those are not functioning properly a person with no gear deals more damage then they should because the skill literally deals x2 the amount of listed damage regardless if a weapon or any armor is equipped at all..... Physical attack and magical attack have no influence on those skills anymore.... and incase there is a tied in bug those two skills are acting like the "damage godstones now" (Which only deal x2 dmg instead of having magic boost influence) they simply deal x2 the dmg listed on their description and can no longer be influenced by gear / weapons...
  15. Nc Will Kill Aion

    Well you gave them money back in 5.0 and look what you got in 6.0 lol give them more money for another recycled version of 5.0?