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  1. Aetheric Field Generators

    @Hime Could we please bring these back into play most specifically in Inggison and Gelkmaros lol - not that I mind skipping the walls but its cheating the overall population of a fair chance of accumulating GP. Fort boss dies before the gates are down lol
  2. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Education matters
  3. Ok my last post was deleted because there were some "unsavory" things said but the truth needs be out there - now I know our NA Team can't do nothing because let's face it, we do not have a true NA team for Aion that can make anything or get anything going for the community. In short if its not happening in korea its not happening here....but either way here goes again. The nice way. @Cyan Last week there was a conversation about events during the covid-19 crisis. Many people are on lockdown forced to stay inside their homes and find ways to entertain themselves during this time. AFK Events & Purchase Event's give no reason to "actively enjoy and P L A Y the game." (Emphasis on the verb *play) While the "world" is going into a financial crisis again, this time with people trying to avoid getting sick, spreading disease, losing their jobs, and trying to cope with this disaster. NCSoft has once again failed to take note amongst its base as a developer of entertainment. Performing Immoral tactics as to blindly syphon off their community's emergency funds. The majority of games that I am currently playing have developers enacting events in this time of need in order to keep their respective communities hopes up that, during this crisis as a whole, we will get through this. They are producing content rapidly in regards to their COVID-19 responses to keep players "actively" engaged within their worlds. Meanwhile, our situation as a community and around the world has once again gone ignored by NCSoft. During this time it would be sound to suggest to my community to take caution. The world is going through a financial disaster and countless jobs are being affected. While some have yet to feel the reverberation of the disease, take worry because it is a chain reaction and it will spread. It is one thing to support your game developer's for doing a good job and there would be reasons to spend money on entertainment during these times of need. Mental health just so happens to be a valid reason as well and entertainment can sustain that for us. But as it stands, NCSoft is doing no such thing worthy of being supported at this juncture. Referring back to my initial paragraph - if its not happening in Korea it's not going to be happening here. I believe it's safe to say NCSoft will not be on our side during this depressing stage. They've repeatedly expressed a goal deceptively snagging players funds in the past. Today, that goal remains paramount, as the company is during this time releasing an event (or lack thereof) in form of purchases. Those of you familiar with the rewards in purchasing understand the magnitude of the release of this event. But why release it during a time of financial crisis? Why not postpone it? Is this not a time that would make a transaction such as this "immoral." Personally, I've seen and understood the tactics implemented time and again from NCSoft. I avoid it as much as I can because If I support it in this form, it'll never change nor will it ever get better, and NCSoft will never truly consider "me, the player which is also "you." The outside world may not understand what's going on here but we do. We understand the magnitude of releasing an event such as this in our world and normally we would all try to jump in and get a piece. But many of us are caught up in the corona disaster that has taken our jobs, restricted us to being at home, and desperate to remain hopeful that we will make it through. If I was to bring it to terms of the outside it would be relatable to someone purchasing all the hand sanitizer and price gouging everyone else back. That's what NCSoft is doing right now in this moment. Instead of building faith and focusing on its player base by helping them get through this moment in time. They are instead choosing to purposely hunting down every form of available coin with little effort given to keep it form themselves. This event tomorrow, in the sense of creating the actions it takes to complete from purchasing, selecting, and using the item is only a matter of minutes. By paying the software developer to create a purchase button (20 minutes) , to create an in game item (5 minutes), paying an artist to design an ad to post online (4 hours), a translator to translate ( and by translate the name of the item and the purchase in the store that's really not a lot so lets say 5 minutes,) and these people get paid lets say $30/hr (being generous.) Total time spent to get this up and running for NCSoft was literally chump change that any one of us could have paid for! 4 hours and 30 minutes times $30 per person involved dollars (being generous here again on purpose.) NCSoft spent literally spent less than $600 to get this going for the sole purpose of syphoning off hundreds of thousands if not millions from its community during a disaster period. Now if the outside world understood that do you really think this strategy of NCSoft would be ok during this time? That's a serious thing to consider and it says a great deal about the future of this company when considering playin a new title. Their morality, reliability, and ideals become painfully and seriously clear. The intent here is malicious. More than me making this post, my previous post that got deleted, or the several others who began attacking NCSoft on the forums recently. There's nothing I can say or do that will cause NCSoft to act. I just felt the need to get it out there and let these people know there's better. There are companies out there that will watch out for you, take care of you, and work for you. NCSoft has stopped "working" for me a long time ago....I wont quit yet, I do thoroughly enjoy the game (not all of it though) the sad thing is this game was huge and had great potential but it was NCSoft's own greed that ran it down into the ground. Some of what's great still exists and calls to me... So I have questions that I ask myself..... Is it worth it for me to financially support this company in a serious form? More importantly is it "WORTH" it for me to "ATTEMPT" to financially support NCSoft when the world is in a financial crisis? Is this going to be a "sound" investment for me to allow myself to put into NCSoft? Will NCSoft be there for me when I need its entertainment the most? Did the investment pay off? Will remember NCSoft the next time its name is placed on a new title? For now I see no reason to invest in NCSoft even with something so small as prestige...I need to be ready where ever this crisis takes me. @Cyan this is who you work for - this is how you make your living - off our backs. The players. We give NCSoft our support - you work for NCSoft because of us - the players. Can you really sit there and tell us there ain't a damn thing you can fight for? Is there nothing you can get done for us? Can you truly call yourself a "community manager?" Because right now there's a lot of hopelessness and doubt in the community for the entertainment (or lack thereof) we receive and we need someone whos going to manage to keep us afloat. Only the community can punish, educate, and teach NCSoft. I hope someday NCSoft learns that there more money to be made investing in its players then solely expecting its players to invest on them.
  4. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    @Cyan is working super hard to cover his tracks as community manager at the moment. Please be patient while we wait for all threads that show a disliking to NCSoft's performance to get deleted. So far over 17 new threads have been deleted and 1 locked lol
  5. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    I am so nyerking glad I am not the only person seeing all the shitty tactics coming from this company and their community managers.
  6. Lockdown...

    Please make tokens (if at all a super low rate drop from world / instance mobs) Need something to do to make this game more active while the world is on lockdown.... AFK events will not suffice - I would seriously suggest adding the tokens to drops just to make it bearable to play while everyone is ending up on lockdown.
  7. yep and next week, month, and qtr we'll still be finalizing details lol Question: Are you embarrassed? Would you be embarrassed to use NCSoft on your resume the day you decide to leave? I can see it now >> Applies to new position in gaming industry >> Your resume says CM for (or anything NC related) NCSoft's Aion….. their response.... "Oh yes we know what happens there...." & lol....
  8. lol the best "phok" you from ncsoft is what that is lol and they placed it as a high tier reward option lmao....aion's gift goes all the way back to beta lmao
  9. two hacker

    if we're gona complain about people hacking I find it more intriguing a "noncompetitive class" like cleric is initiating the topic...
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    @Cyan I approve of the tactical bans today! lol >.> sorry not sorry for the ones that got banned. Cheaters never prosper!
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Welp now we know why Luna is no longer being given lol time rob more players of cash still waiting for the day you get fired - your the worst - trust
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 25, 2019

    @Cyan Not that you give a damn But it took 4 tries in row to log on passed the damn pin issue.... Suck it
  13. What if... now hear me out

    Welp as long as "Cash kids" keep bank rolling them - it doesn't really matter what anyone says.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    true true - I had actually gave in and purchased some alchemy essence to open some boxes tuesday but got a refund after the update notes for maintenance came up. They changed the way the cauldron coins work mid event which validated my reason for a refund. @Cyan team quickly reminded me why I had went on strike in the first place but then again I am reminded every week lol figured this event was a slight positive in the right direction but then stupidity strikes again >.<
  15. Rollback incoming?

    I miss you Sempra! Always <3’d u lol