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    What about Blessing of Wind and Pledge of Earth those are not functioning properly a person with no gear deals more damage then they should because the skill literally deals x2 the amount of listed damage regardless if a weapon or any armor is equipped at all..... Physical attack and magical attack have no influence on those skills anymore.... and incase there is a tied in bug those two skills are acting like the "damage godstones now" (Which only deal x2 dmg instead of having magic boost influence) they simply deal x2 the dmg listed on their description and can no longer be influenced by gear / weapons...
  2. Nc Will Kill Aion

    Well you gave them money back in 5.0 and look what you got in 6.0 lol give them more money for another recycled version of 5.0?
  3. Nothing to do basically.

    oh geez I can't stop laughing I remember everyone..... omg 6.0 is coming 6.0 is coming.... ….ah shit.....nothigns working.... ah shit we gota do the same instances again.... ummmm 90% of the things in 6.0 are RECYCLED... All the money NC been taking from ya since 5.0 was to simply profit - not to manage - not to develop - not to innovate....so why are you still complaining its clearly obvious whats going to happen next.... 6.5 Oct 2019 (people really need stop kidding themselves that its already gona be here...) (7.0 has not been approved for ncwest….if ereshkigal server fails they will not merge they are suspending aion for ncwest….even if 7.0 gets approved (gameforge has it approved already) its not for another 2 years oct 2020) Too much of the player base is kidding themselves looking that far ahead..... if your looking far ahead again you are not happy with now if you are not happy with now after looking ahead from before then what makes you think you are gona be happy then? Obviously looking ahead in 5.0 and liking what you saw for 6.0 didn't mean shit for now so looking or 7.0 now isn't going to mean shit either....so again are you crazy? its kinda funny NCSoft like the only company doing what EA did with star wars but since it was sucha huge title they didn't get away with it lol.....yet here we are with Aion Lineage Blade of Souls and what not but NCSoft is getting away with it...….(Not NCsofts fault either but can you guess who? yes you)
  4. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    A minor acknowledgement would create a lot of hope as far anyone simply noticing.... @Cyan
  5. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    @Cyan Sorry to take up your time but if you could spare a moment. There's an issue where damage isn't being calculated into a couple of chanters abilities regardless of equipment or stat boosts. (also old school godstones not that they matter anymore but incase there is a link some where) Ok Currently Pledge of Earth & Blessing of wind deal static damage factored by 2 of their current listed damage. For example if one of those ability is stated to perform 650 damage the actual output in damage will be 1300 (assuming that no damage mitigation is in effect.) If I was to switch out various gear the damage remains static there is no change in the amount output. Removing weapon to barehand, mixing a variety of gear, or even to Lv 1-80 of any equipment has no effect on the ability strength. - this applies to all godstones now as of 6.2 update - dmg is no longer affected by stats physical godstone automatically deals dmg factored by 2 and the same magic godstones . My Question is if you or anyone else is currently aware of this and would there be an actual fix to the damage calculations? As it stands Chanters are dealing more dmg then they should be dealing with regards to factoring dmg by 2 on pledge and earth based on current available stats and equipment. Your response with regards to the this matter would be greatly appreciated. Tickets have been submitted to support however most gms simply respond "take note there are always some factors that affects the damage of the skill." which is a tad ridiculous to say when its its pretty much covered in my above description. Thank you @Cyan
  6. Chanter damage calculations

    Two abilities have obvious issues and are not affected by any stats, buffs, or various weapons. These skills are addiontal effect and while they used to be enchanted by magic boost or a track depending on class these skills Longer change and deal a static amount of dmg x2 example pledge of earth - additional effect 700 will have this skill deal 1400 dmg on any mob with any weapon....including with or without the pve trait. that includes blessing of wind as well... If you play with a dmg goldstone you would see calculation is the same for them now as well. my question is.... is this intentional and going to be the permanent form or will the real calculations take stats into effect at a later update?
  7. Pay to look at your character is dumb

    but its called "Transformation" ….you don't have to look like that......so don't transform! boom! solved! can always focus on cubics to get more stats ^^
  8. 2 forts a week

    You take away half the game to throw back in a 5th of that half and call it an update? wasted time in peoples live's for the lack of a weekly event that should be lasting longer than 15 minutes Hime & Cyan take the finger - yes that's exactly what it means you two fail at representing your player base
  9. Presentation is already getting an F. So much hype for that wasted 30 second video.....
  10. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Well Hello there, I see like many others before you even you have been ignored by NCSoft and received the classic blow you off message lol - Congratulations and welcome to Adventure appreciation at its finest!
  11. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    lol omegas, temperings, and reduction stones are back on the BCM
  12. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Ishalgen is back online now, now its just danaria that's offline...
  13. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    http://www.blessonline.net/news_read/48 very soon ^^ they also said no pay 2 win will be available ^.^/
  14. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    Well, I paid for the subscription because I believe Aion is a good game, could have been great, could still be better, and just overall I really do enjoy playing..... So paying for the subscription for me is offering up my measly 15 a month to show that "hey, I'm guaranteeing this, you did good to make a game that keeps me interested, so i'll keep payin....." but as we all know.....its apparent that "hope" isn't something we can place our bets on. Ever since they overhauled their employees for representing and operating aion, the new leads have run the game to shit, and now NCWest can no longer provide even the smallest possibility of "hope" for quality content. So yea I asked for cancelations and to avoid spending any money on BCM if possible. I really don't know how to respond how low it was of their tactics to place up power up event and add items to the bcm. They didn't need to do maintenance to turn on the npc...but they sure as hell knew what they were doing..... Anyone ever noticed NCWest never dared to respond to the two threads that went into detail of why to stop supporting them?
  15. The community will stand strong!

    Can't fight that level of anger you carry Lingerie.....you'll say anything no matter what heehee