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  1. Do you really think that kind of time is remaining seeing as how the issues have been present ever since aion went F2P? When you told the community in Aion: Legions of War to give it some time they got basted in the face with a canceled game.
  3. Sad about Aion Legions of war being ran into the ground but one thing I can say is Kibbelz was great about communication with the community (especially on Legions of War discord) and did his best which actually showed results. I'm not sure how much influence you'll have here your moving into a community that's heavily on the rage at the moment. Good luck because your predecessors were very poor in communication.
  4. pretty much lol rubbish management really knows how to rob shit out of their player base pockets
  5. @Hime @Loki Curious idea - how about restoring the secret to world bosses spawning? Could you all remove the zone wide notification that a boss has spawn and remove markers from the map. As it stands its not only faction vs faction but also faction legion vs faction legion. Removing notifications and markers from the map would restore a need to put work in to hunting world bosses and remove the ability for the factions to be severely lazy.
  6. Seems like the glass is half full for the asmos today lol all world bosses today went to elyos
  7. got 2 blue gem shards off an jotun waiting for the fight to start lol so thanks to me being motivated to get there I got those and combined them and chicken-voila I got shining blue gem - wrath strike skill
  8. meh that's ok made 600m off that fight and didn't need to swipe no credit card
  9. you got me there lol ….watching asmos get on to talk shit before the boss even popped was amazing because we got it and pulled it before they ever knew it was up lmao
  10. Oh noes a web sin is targeting our forums.....lol
  11. figured eveyroen that won in the fight would be able to collect a bag of some sort but nah 3 items lol yep way to go....just need more and more reasons to avoid supporting ncsoft..
  12. @Hime Thanks for the try you can delete the event now ~ its a waste of time to miss altars for that garbage...
  13. @Hime Could we please bring these back into play most specifically in Inggison and Gelkmaros lol - not that I mind skipping the walls but its cheating the overall population of a fair chance of accumulating GP. Fort boss dies before the gates are down lol
  14. Ok my last post was deleted because there were some "unsavory" things said but the truth needs be out there - now I know our NA Team can't do nothing because let's face it, we do not have a true NA team for Aion that can make anything or get anything going for the community. In short if its not happening in korea its not happening here....but either way here goes again. The nice way. @Cyan Last week there was a conversation about events during the covid-19 crisis. Many people are on lockdown forced to stay inside their homes and find ways to entertain themselves during this time. AFK
  15. @Cyan is working super hard to cover his tracks as community manager at the moment. Please be patient while we wait for all threads that show a disliking to NCSoft's performance to get deleted. So far over 17 new threads have been deleted and 1 locked lol
  16. I am so nyerking glad I am not the only person seeing all the shitty tactics coming from this company and their community managers.
  17. Please make tokens (if at all a super low rate drop from world / instance mobs) Need something to do to make this game more active while the world is on lockdown.... AFK events will not suffice - I would seriously suggest adding the tokens to drops just to make it bearable to play while everyone is ending up on lockdown.
  18. yep and next week, month, and qtr we'll still be finalizing details lol Question: Are you embarrassed? Would you be embarrassed to use NCSoft on your resume the day you decide to leave? I can see it now >> Applies to new position in gaming industry >> Your resume says CM for (or anything NC related) NCSoft's Aion….. their response.... "Oh yes we know what happens there...." & lol....
  19. lol the best "phok" you from ncsoft is what that is lol and they placed it as a high tier reward option lmao....aion's gift goes all the way back to beta lmao
  20. if we're gona complain about people hacking I find it more intriguing a "noncompetitive class" like cleric is initiating the topic...
  21. @Cyan I approve of the tactical bans today! lol >.> sorry not sorry for the ones that got banned. Cheaters never prosper!
  22. Welp now we know why Luna is no longer being given lol time rob more players of cash still waiting for the day you get fired - your the worst - trust
  23. @Cyan Not that you give a damn But it took 4 tries in row to log on passed the damn pin issue.... Suck it
  24. Welp as long as "Cash kids" keep bank rolling them - it doesn't really matter what anyone says.
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