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  1. What if... now hear me out

    Welp as long as "Cash kids" keep bank rolling them - it doesn't really matter what anyone says.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    true true - I had actually gave in and purchased some alchemy essence to open some boxes tuesday but got a refund after the update notes for maintenance came up. They changed the way the cauldron coins work mid event which validated my reason for a refund. @Cyan team quickly reminded me why I had went on strike in the first place but then again I am reminded every week lol figured this event was a slight positive in the right direction but then stupidity strikes again >.<
  3. Rollback incoming?

    I miss you Sempra! Always <3’d u lol
  4. Rollback incoming?

    Birds of a feather if you catch my drift Sempra and his buds already debunked this lol keep hoping though it keeps you comin back for more <3 the attention
  5. Rollback incoming?

    lol cute - ok so lets get the point across for the impaired by a thing called "thought" process. ok well >> pretty sure you didn't even think through what you said but I have a brain and can read what you meant. The question you meant to ask me was "Don't you hack?" a 3rd grader can read something wrong with the question. But incase you did mean what you said (by which i'll just say a little prayer for you) here's the correction "Don't you or *used* to hack?" Now let's use some logic shall we? lol I'm going to spend money on a 3rd party program to cheat on the game? When I barely even accept spending on the subscription Swore off spending money on anything but the sub Don't even have proper manastones socketed Not fully enchanted Do not have a legendary transformation Seems pointless to waste money using someone's hack program to do what? attack speed hack? Run speed hack (everything people always outrun & catch me) Why not just spend the money on transformation contracts and other shit to better gear up right? After all there's no point in cheating if your not a threat to anyone. but alas as countless have shown using their brain today has become a rare talent... However I can infer from your own post that you are indeed - Someone who has had their @$$ handed by me on several occasions (most likely hiding behind others in a group? lol) Someone who is mad (because SM being first target is never enough of a reason) And someone who is looking for every cheap shot he can get (^ an SM) Thanks for the boost though lol - I do love my encounters with shit manastones and an ancient transformation though
  6. Drop Rate

    ^ this.... So like....with all said and done whats the point of CM's again?
  7. Slowly peeling away the layers of rubbish covered up... How long has it been said these employees are jack'd? (<- spelling is a pun)
  8. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    100% The error you explained in Ark was a "linking" error. (bad programmers unfortunately) The error done here in aion was when they edited the vendor specifications (as stated in patch notes vendor items were being updated) they literally 0'd out the costs. Best example I can give is >> it's a shop >> nothings free in this game >> The costs were intentionally 0'd out. Whom ever verified their update to the vendor simply believe their one time edit was perfect and refused to review their own work. A bunch of 0's or empty spaces is an obvious sign something needs to be entered << this person was just uber lazy or wanted to have some cruel fun lol
  9. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    That was actually 2.0 <<
  10. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    While we're on the subject of "Glitch" This wasn't a glitch lol - shit doesn't glitch free - An employee literally edited the costs of the items in the vendor to 0 << let that sink in when you trying to wonder how sad and stupid ncsoft staff is
  11. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    Abusing glitches is in the user agreement so hell yea punish those that caused the mess that's going to screw everyone else over If no one gets punished that means everyone that intentionally took advantage and caused the undue stress amongst their community are getting a free pass. So if they do indeed get a free pass >> Does that mean everyone else can get a free pass when they break the rules again? Seems fair right? One group gets a free pass from punishment - might as well extend the offer
  12. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    Actually is incredibly horrible......theres a crap ton of mmos out there that never had to perform a single one <- some running for almost 2 decades now. But you have employees like Cyan and whomever else just trying to skip on by simply not paying attention to detail on their job that ends up costing time, money, and player support.
  13. Rollback incoming?

    Totally agree but they shouldn't ignore punishing players who abused the bug. Players that took advantage and abused the system need to be punished! They did after all screw things up for many others and most likely after people re-attempt their enchants - combines - or anything else that took their time and effort will have been punished for those that decided to abuse the games flaw. It's only fair that punishment is returned to those that caused the rollback. The data is there for them to investigate.
  14. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    @Cyan Would it be easier to just ban everyone that took advantage of the bug? It is in the user agreement lol - there still should be punishment for everyone that took advantage of it <- So after rollback how about laying down the ban hammer? Because if people wouldn't have abused it they wouldn't be costing everyone else their time and work that some people have already placed into the game. Some of us actually Enchanted, combined, and got some progress done and since the rollback is going to removed successful accomplishments not related to the vending machine - you basically making everyone trying again and failing most likely. Which will definitely enflame those that didn't break the rules. So yes Punishment for those that purchased off the vending machine.
  15. Curious how y’all are going to resolve the issue where people got endless stigmas contracts and what not

    yea you can't really count clerics they're a non competitive class. NCSoft couldn't decide how to treat cleric since the game needs a healer, but at the same time they want to promote 1 v 1 arenas and what not so they give cleric the ability to damage "heavily" as well. Same as a few others such as templar, they're tanks but they're able to dps hard as well but again you gota find the balance some how....its 10 years too late but the best balances for any classs such as cleric or templar if you go out nuking cleric heals should be cut by 50% or double cooldown time if templar pop attack skills it should negate defense skills just goes to show no one really ever used their head when designing the pvp aspect
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Someone needs to get fired except that wont happen when managers are as bad as everyone else <-
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Here here, but I already been on protest since way back when I called for a protest...... But yea @Cyan is a bad CM sorry - it is what it is ~ you are the face of Aion and its not doing good & the community hasn't been heard since the previous CM 6 years ago - usually when shit is this bad they fire the manager and get a new one.....but some how you things are still fine on your end...
  19. This Event....

    You ever wonder how NCSoft continues to move away from the community? They have these people called community managers who are supposed to report on the overall status of the games community from the game and forums. Now I have this hunch lol and I feel its a good one but they got this manager who goes by the name @Cyan. The daily reports always turn out to be a positive form of feedback to NCSoft. Daily Report to NCSoft: Community is happy Game is happy All is well Those managers that kid themselves to stay in the game... It's obvious over a large majority of the community is considerably upset with NCSoft yet the main dudes seem to be oblivious... But as long as them reports remain positive - all is well. (Even when shit is bad gota make it look good right @Cyan got that perma positive vibe goin on there lol) Pretty sure that's why it continues to stay bad << Remember that last CM they fired? After they fired her and replaced her <- that is when shit got bad - That CM would actually fight on our behalf as well - Who can remember that CM's name?
  20. Arena of Discipline & Arena of Harmony entries - @Cyan you really should read this... Ranked competitions should be taken serious as they are just that; a competition. Since these are ranked competitions and provide a huge amount of rewards many people are abusing these entries. How about adjusting the rules for participation. No one should be applying for the instance if they're not ready to participate nor should anyone be applying to abandon the entry once the instance is ready. Applying automatically depletes an entry (Adjustments can be made for returning the entry when the instance closes and a player is still in que.) Instance activation should be made to be confirmed first before any player enters - Cross server checks readiness before entering it should be possible to perform this for arena as well (When the instance pops each player can click enter and entry is granted when both have clicked enter else return the active player into the que for a new instance & remove the player that refused to enter from the que (The entry should still be deplete due to this behavior.) Quitting mid-battle should be frowned upon - in order to prevent or deter Quitting this action should consume an additional entry or reduce the quitting points by an extreme amount - again this is a competition, wasting peoples time due to abuse of the system should not be tolerate, and purposely quitting to rob a person of points is a rotten foul. These are simple checks easy to implement and extremely fair in regards to obtaining the generous ranked rewards - nothing to difficult for the dev team to adjust. These minor adjustments would reinstate the competition to just that a real "Competition." @Cyan I ask that you give this a fair read and consider suggesting these changes as well. I ask this of you because I have no faith in this "system." I never submit suggestions or ideas due to my belief that it simply does not work with this company. This is a last ditch effort to place some sense of fairness in a system being heavily abused and having some sort of faith restored by a company that has been anything more than abusing entity towards its player base.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Gp is a well enough reward ~ the complaint about waiting is just as bad doing pandora gear quests ~ it remains optional so much as the go quests remain optional ~ but yes a couple fighting fragments could be a good influence as well ~ still the complaint about waiting shouldn’t be valid at all <- effort for rank Again it’s optional ~ pandora quests are there too get to work
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Aside from all the continuous stupid alterations...... @Cyan did you notice the game is once again experiencing a major lack of activity? Better question when the weekly gp quests were dailies did yall notice a major surge in activity for those 3 weeks? Literally could log on any time of the day and find people actively out and about. Isn't that the point of running a mmo? Having players actively out and about? Yes people complained but it was actually kind of stupid complaints from people that literally do nothing but leech off others and afk in every instance. Which brings me to my next question >> Daily gp obviously isn't game breaking or bad << why not return it to daily? Ranking will still be heavily based on fort attendance and classes that have the ability to fully restore / hide.
  23. Prestige needs to be revamped

    Yep, not renewing mine as well.....theres just no real benefit towards it even the instance increase is useless now.
  24. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    I don't know to be honest lol who has seen this much activity since 4.0? lol I think the gp system is a great way to keep people that want to maintain rank active. There's action everywhere now its just so awesome!
  25. What the BOT?

    Bots are beneficial to the serve now due to the changes in drops / trading what not. Best not to disturb the bots or the next complaint is there is no way to make kinah to afford items on broker anymore. Bots keep the costs low on broker.