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  1. im not crying for me, im 50 almost full ap, so fk coin, im thinking about the future of the game for incoming players. The one who should think better before shit with fingers here is u
  2. my thoughts are this: Ncsoft wants to make ppl pay more than the subscription, to get more kinah inside the game and buy things at broker, but here is the thing, like this coin, atm there is almost no coin selling... If a new player log in and start to level up, he will get frustated by only get the yellow itens in broker that dont even have atk speed, mov speed, etc. Wich will make them stop playing and go to a private server. "ohh but its classic aion, want easy stuff go to private", bruh... not even at 11 years ago was this shitty as it is now. The drop is bad, at least for me, that ran 15x
  3. Notice that in the previous pass the coins were easy to get (p2w). But back in the days, on daily quests, we used to get a Chest, wich gave us around 6-8 coins. Now is so damn hard to grind those without having in the daeva pass... Should be added on daily quest more coins to get. This is a nice way to make players grind daily quests and gear up, cos atm its kinda impossible to get a weapon of platinum coin with only quests, would be around 2 months of grinding... or more. Edit: pets give us 1 coin in 1 hour... that dont count... 6 hours playing the game and u get 6 coins, thats no
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