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  1. What is it? My friend and I killed some mobs with that in the name, then it spread like a pandemic.
  2. Yeah. I'm sure you all liked being given an advantage to level twice as fast (with less grind) so you can gank pinks (and low level / ungeared reds) to falsely believe you are good, while they have to struggle through that and leveling much slower without a good XP buff. 🙄 You people seem to enjoy things about this game in a different way than I do. I prefer having more fair fights. It's fun when everyone is the same level and similar gear. Maybe this game isn't for me afterall.
  3. Cool. Lots of people are still leveling though cause we missed the 100% exp buff. Not really ready for patches yet, in my opinion.
  4. It's not that. It's the fact that almost everyone who joined early with the 100% XP buff has already been 50 working on gear for weeks.
  5. If they aren't going to do 100% XP buffs every other week or something then they shouldn't have done it in the beginning either. It's really difficult for people who joined a little late to catch up.
  6. I'm also wondering what's so important that this isn't a priority. Is the server room on fire or something? I'm not even affected by this at the moment, but the lack of response to this is rather disgusting and highly disappointing. Management of this game is terrible.
  7. I didn't read this whole thread. But I just want to say to me there's an obvious difference between botters and farmers. Most botters go in an exact pathway / pattern repeatedly. It's more obvious when there are no mobs (e.g. you kill them first and watch the player), they will just walk one way, turn exactly straight at some spot and continue on doing this. Players just look and feel more real and less predictable/repetitive. There's also an issue with some of the bots where they will not even attack a mob first, but wait until it aggros onto them -- so they will often run PAST the mobs, amon
  8. It seems a lot of people got caught up in the exploit because their group or legion was doing it, which then got them banned. I'd be surprised if they really banned a lot of innocent people, but I suppose it's possible.
  9. Why should they need to show anyone proof? Have you not seen the clearly obvious botters? They all do exactly the same things. It just takes an experienced eye. Sounds like you're probably guilty of something if you're worried.
  10. I'm not really accepting this excuse from them. It would literally only take -1- GM dedicated to this, to regularly remove every bot from the game on both classic servers. It would just require running through the maps every few hours, watching for very obvious botting and taking action when it's found. But instead there are characters that have been able to bot from level 1 to 50 without problem, and despite reporting them. Get a report while on job? Instantly teleport to them and check it out. I've even offered to do this for a low cost. But they honestly do not care at all.
  11. I like these suggestions really. I'd also like if they added some simple cheap convenience items such as kisks for when you run out and forget; I don't think it's really pay to win at all.
  12. I'm sure some people have already asked about this, but yeah. There are very obviously a lot of bots at every level, and people using cheats/"hacks" most notably in PVP. I thought the Korean version has some detection built into it. Can't you enable that here? I don't understand how bots and cheaters are a benefit to the game at all. It's very frustrating to come across them. Without naming anyone, I've already seen at least 3 people using flight hacks, teleport and no animation hacks within the week or two I've played classic. And there are bots EVERYWHERE!! If you're not go
  13. OH. Lmfao. Just read it in whole, funny.
  14. Ah, I see. They are not very good at actually notifying most people if that's the case. I feel like there should be in-game notifications as soon as they decide to do this, so people have time to prepare and not get into stuff. And why can't it display that it's under maintenance somewhere on the launcher and in-game with a description of why? It's almost like this game is very old and designed without the user experience in mind ... oh wait, nevermind. (Am I getting BANT now?)
  15. Someone tripped over the power cord?
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