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  1. Also one more thing, we need the special cube to hold quest items. I forgot how nice that was in regular Aion but it frees up so much space to not have to hold quest items in our actual inventory and it makes sorting so much easier
  2. While I'm spending time crafting and dealing with the server lag right now I thought I'd make a thread about things that need to be fixed and things that would be necessary and/or nice to have in the future. This isn't to rubbish the game, I'm really liking classic servers and feel it could actually be a legit 2nd chance for Aion as a game so I want to at least try to add my own input to the direction its going and hear other people's feedback as well. With the whole release of classic starting over and the news from the board meeting (shoutout Rags/Secrets of Aetria) it seems there is ac
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