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  1. Nc Aion Team: For the one who didn't Exploit and Play fair the compensation can be a Lucky Vina II in a Survey or simply nothing like in the past incident from the Sw event Apostles transformations. 😃 Keep the Feedbacks everyone we are always here to listen our community.
  2. I think if they give x12 Boxes for the Anniversary thats probably mean all the rewards going to be random and not selection.. but lets see
  3. They just did that like any bad youtube videos to get more views when you see a good Thumbnail, that's called ClickBait. :s They did the same with the 12th Anniversary Event. In the title they said "A 12 Gifts for Daevas" to let people thinking you going to get 12 Gifts Boxes in this Event , when they just say "12" because of the years of the Aniversary of Aion. I mean i hope they give to us 12 Boxes but lets be reals this is Aion and Ncwest that we are talking about x D
  4. Its going to be 1 task or different tasks for each week until october 20 , thats why they said: "Check back here each week to see what rewards will be coming next!" So probably they going to update the rewards list with better rewards maybe , and the next week they going to give the "12th Anniversary Special Gift Box" with a different task. And another thing its not going to be "12 Gifts" , the "12" is just the number of the anniversary of Aion.
  5. I know but when i said they are "opposited" for their Class , i was trying to said each side have a directly representant of their classes for the rest of Daevas. I know the main reason was for their differences after the Cataclysm, so later each side followed Ariel or Azphel according to their ideals. Seraphin (Elyos Lords) - Ariel (Lady of Light) Leader of the Elyos Followers of Ariel: Kaisinel (Lord of Illusion) Representative of the Cloth classes for the Elyos. Nezekan (Lord of Justice) for Plate Class Vaizel (Lord of Freedom) Leather Class Yustiel (Lady
  6. According to the Lore , i think Marchutan was the Opposite to Lady Yustiel , both represent the Cleric and Chanters classes, meanwhile Lady Lumiel was the opposite to Kaisinel and both represent the Cloth and Sorcerer classes.
  7. Maybe Ncsoft , thats why they takes your kinah and money from Bcm
  8. They Added the Ultimate Breath , is the first item in the Boost Section of Bcm, the problem is that it doesn't have the correct image and have the logo of Aion.
  9. And the only next step would be to shut down the remaining server if they dont keep Listen and keeping happy the few loyal players that is still playing and supporting the Game.
  10. Confirmed they Fixed the Ultimate Transformation Box to (4 Types). But about the Cats Transformations why the item said "piece"? This may say we need to buy two pieces for a single cat but anyway the price is to high.... Why they cant sell this Ancient Special Transformation like with the Halloween or Hanbok Pixels event in the past and everyone can have a chance.
  11. Even in the Luna Game the Normal Ultimate Selection Box is (4 Types) Kaisinel , Marchutan , Ereshkigal and Tiamat.. -.-
  12. One question why we cant get Ereshkigal and Tiamat Transformation in the Selection Box like in the last Ultimate Promotion? @Kibbelz.
  13. Finally the Ultimate Promotion and 7.9 Part 2 Thank You very much @Kibbelz. ❤️
  14. Lmao they make the mistake and then sell you the solution or you pay with your tokens.😅
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