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  1. The next will be implementing Normal White Shards Transformations that doesn't even exist too. We know Ncwest are very good at keeping their players playing their games, the status of the servers says it all. .-.
  2. Yeah they want to keep people even more below from Ancients transformations in the state of the game... when people are asking for another ultimate promotion sounds good. x D
  3. Yea thats Exactly why most of the people are leaving the game and if you support nc by not caring about what the remainings loyal players have to say i will be the next for sure , because i never said i hate the game , if i am still here is because i love the game and i still want and hope them to hear us. And i just said that only to be Sarcastic.
  4. Let me see the future.... Kibbelz one day before merge when we finally get a reply: Kibbelz: Sorry guys we cannot pivot on this one too and we cant change nothing.
  5. Wtf.... why Kt server need to be compensated when is Danaria the one who is losing all? They keep Names , Legions Names , Housing .. everything, and over that need to be compensated? When Danaria have the same time active , why you dont do this equially ? or opening a New server for both to be Merged on that and doing it fair and equally? . If you are doing this **** you at least need to compensated Danaria for all this **** like you did With the old Ereshkigal server and reset the names/housing for everyone.
  6. I did this same Post the Last Month and @Kibbelz said they have no plans on doing it yet . Maybe Next Year when they are about to close the servers for Good they will release the promo lol They keep the remaining of the loyal players forgotten like always.
  7. @Kibbelz When we going to have any new Promotion and the next Aion Update ? this version is so dead.... am about to play other games until you guys do something else on Aion.
  8. Maybe those people will get an extra privilege to play both faction on the same Server , or most better letting everyone to play both faction too in that server so will be more fair for everyone, anyways that never prevented before from people making Spies Alts or something like that.
  9. Try to use Area Strike Runestone if you can for those Classes
  10. Well i did this post not because i was mad for a wrong song like i said before i was thinking my Pc downloaded the wrong files for Aion retail and asked if this was the correct Song for Aion when i was thinking it was a song files for Aion Classic.
  11. that's not the problem, its just because I was thinking that my PC downloaded the wrong files in the wrong game since they promised they will going to change the song for Aion Classic.
  12. Well i know some people who have the same names on Both servers , and some people got stolen their names when they did a Merge Before
  13. If you mean for Aion Classic i know but they promised to do it when Aion classic is Launched and we are like in the 3rd week since they launched the classic
  14. I only said that because the next step would be to turn off the server , but if you look at the other side of the coin, how long will they be able to keep the few people left if they continue to keep the things as they are now? Don't get me wrong I love this game too and I hope it doesn't get to that point , all I ask is that they need to listen more to their players instead of ignoring them for weeks , and making more changes that can keep the Game more friendly for their remainings players and maybe for returning ones too.
  15. You may been right about the low players population on retail , but theres no longuer any bot now x D
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