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  1. Ncsoft wants to see burn all those events enchantments stones from bots accounts , but now the broker is going to be full of high enchanted stigmas and corrupted Runes/Gemstones maybe, in the end will be more kinah for all those bots.
  2. Yea that wouldn't be a problem if all the Events items where that note appear is removed , but many events items have that info and its not deleted yet.
  3. Probably i know , he used your Alt name Crestoup or something like that Mech xd
  4. Oh right was an +8 Paragon Armor Selection Box is good to have that Screenshot . And i remember that toon was from Danaria Asmo by looking her lfg chat.
  5. Why you delete the video of a lvl 10 toon getting a +8 Paragon Weapon Box by just killing an Event Flower ? Ncsoft is not going to do anything anyway.
  6. Yea Ncsoft did a Good Job Banning all those Lvl 10 Characters x D
  7. You say a paying user or a p2w players can often always beat cheaters or hackers who use 3rd party programs, but why you dont put those Cheaters in the same category as a p2w or paying player too? Did you know that you need to pay for some 3rd party programs hacks like Vanilla tool to have access for those programs so basically most of the cheaters is a p2w user too and if they pay for those tools pretty sure pay for things in the game like an any other legal pay user. I want to know when ncsoft is going to do something with this 3rd party programs websites or users too.
  8. Oh but thats a System Restore Point , i was talking to go back to the previous Windows Version you have before the problem of the new Windows version, all the time when the pc have a New Windows version he automaticaly download a backup of the old Windows version for some weeks in case you have any problem with the New update. by selecting the Start button, then select Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and then selecting Get started under Go back to the previous version of Windows 10. But well if you formated now just try to do that the next time in case you have any
  9. Mm You can still Restore the previous Windows version that you have before and see if you are getting the same issue after that Update. And if you want to force stop the Auto Windows Update you can go to Windows search > "Services" then manually force stop Windows Update.
  10. Try to put Aion Compatiblity with Windows 8 How to run the program in Windows 8 Compatibility mode? Select the program that you want to run and right-click and select "Properties". In the properties, the window goes to the "Compatibility" tab. In this step check "Run this program in Compatibility mode for". Personally i did this one time when i dont want to update my windows 10 and was working again i was getting that issue one time in the past.
  11. All am saying is if they Ban Only the Exploiters/Cheaters all is fine , because am not considering those people like a more "Player to lose" when in the Game they are just a Virus for the Legit Players and for the healthy of the Game.
  12. If they dont ban Anyone who is involved into this and just Delete all exploited items like you said , those Guilty never gonna learn the lesson and the others too and if they dont Ban those people they will going to keep Exploiting/Cheating in the Game. But if this Guy is Innocent and the gm got a False positive during the investigation they should unban the rigth people , we are humans and we can make errors, but i know the GMs are not always fair with all the players like with the Stormwing Transfers and most of then dont know the real mechanincs of the game like the case of someone who got
  13. And the Silence was Forever.. yup they are letting run people with free extra Apostles... gg.
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