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  1. Also, it spawned 2 Baby Gojiras? Not sure if this is intentional
  2. Hi, so Fearsome Gojira just spawned 20 minutes ahead of scheduled time, and despawned completely after 20 minutes (when it was supposed to start spawn). Also, Baby Gojira then spawned, even though they are supposed to spawn at the same time on saturdays. Can any devs please respond to this and tell us what is going on? It sucks to invest this much time into the event day after day and it messing up. Thanks.
  3. I have it but I dont remember exactly where it dropped. I believe it was a drop from mobs in either DC or Adma.
  4. Soo is the Gojira event resumed as stated here? It's noon and he hasn't spawned
  5. Yeah I have an alt lvl 28 now. I'm just wondering where the stigma actually drops
  6. I've checked broker daily for close to two months now. Israphel-Asmo isnt exactly packing with low level players getting stigmas
  7. Hi, does anyone know a confirmed spot where Word of Protection drops on Asmodian side? It's a lvl 28 chanter stigma. I believe that certain mobs drop certain sets of stigmas, so a ''any mob around that lvl'' isnt very helpful. There hasnt been one on broker for 1-2 months on Israphel, and I've made an alt specifically to grind mobs for it. Any tips for where you got yours would be appreciated!
  8. Israphel-asmo cant kill it within an hour. Amazing to have people waste an hour to just have it despawn. Could you PLEASE FIX this? @Kibbelz
  9. Thanks for the update on 1.5! Very glad to finally get some news on its release. Keep up the work and keep communicating with your playerbase
  10. Hi, so the compensation bundle has elyos only candy, and not any counterpart for asmodians. As if israphel-asmo wasnt struggling enough I'd just like some attention brought to this so it can be fixed, thanks
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