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  1. It's all so extra sad cuz nothing about this event is absolutely unfixable :c Reviewing the rewards and exchanging them for something worthwile doesn't take a full team of master degree computer science developers. Nor does it take 3weeks and a fix patch from Korea to switch the prizes up. Come on yo.
  2. My (slightly biased, cuz asmo-KT) opinion: EK: careful with new servers, there's pros and cons: PRO: it 'might' be easier for new players since 'less competition' (but, also less resources available, and some people abused the exchange i've heard). CON: population, just like our previous 'new' server Beritra, it might die long before you'll get a merge. KT: Elyos dominated. Please join asmo to balance out the forces! We have cookies also. DN: Asmo dominated. Please join elyos to balance out the forces! I'm pretty sure they don't have cookies tho As it now sta
  3. I agree with you, but I feel like this is part of a changing game atmosphere. MMORPG used to stand for 'massive, multiple online role playing game'. It meant that the game had: PvP content (dueling, arenas, ow pvp, sieges) PvE content (killing mobs, endgame raids) RPG content (character customisation, questing, story) Lifeskill content (gathering, crafting, trading) Social content (grouping up, forming community) and so much more... Catering to many different kind of players is what made an mmorpg truly 'massive'. (Even if the PvP for example is
  4. I hope the true PvPers in this patch will try and look for a challenge. It's just a mentality: you can choose to not bring on the zerg each time but fight solo or in small groups even if it's tough you can choose to stay away from the fresh newbies entering Lakrum to get to lvl80 in shitty gear you can choose to help people that cannot get a taste of PvP on their own and show them around Lakrum is pretty tiny in comparance to some old maps, PvP is very much happening at every time (which is good) but we can make it into 'good, fun & challenging ow pvp', or we can
  5. I think 'they could have handled it better' sums it up pretty well. All this exchange and erasing etc could have been done more elegant. It's a brutal nuke, and that we knew it was coming doesn't make it much better.
  6. Berdin stars are still in the game, the ones you have won't be removed and you can still use them. However, since leveling is so easy and not at all grinding-dependant, they are indeed kind of useless. The best usage for them would be to load up your favor as far as possible at lvl 75, and then do your Luna instance. It will boost you to 76-77. After lvl 75, Luna no longer gives those exp balls so it's advised to do it before. And after that it's just quests, monsters in the world don't give all that much exp, so stars and amulets are not very useful in 6.2
  7. I love that they make it abundantly clear this is not a 'look guys, free tickets let's all take the names we've always wanted'. It's merely for you to log in, change the random letters and numbers back to what it was before, and move on with your life. I have to say, it would've been sooooo much easier @Cyan if only those who have name conflict get their name changed and get a ticket. Let's say there's a Lola on Kahrun, Tiamat and Israphel and also a xXxLolaxXx, you would only give tickets to the Lola's, and then solve accordingly (level & creation date). Because now xXxLolaxXx is
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