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  1. XIGN Crashing Instance

    Is anyone else experiencing recent app crashing due to XIGN?...I saw an old thread about XIGN causing Aion crash but I haven't experienced issues until this past week....my Aion app is being randomly shutdown by XIGN...it happens on my laptop and my desktop system...I can't determine the cause...I have made no hardware/software changes to either desktop or laptop recently...it happens when I have a single or double instance(s) of Aion running...it happens when sitting in Luna daily totally AFK or actively PVPing...the XIGN log file is proprietary so I can't review it for root cause...the Windows Event Viewer doesn't have anything related...NO I have no hacking apps or attempting to do any hacks as that isn't the way I play and find people who do sad, pathetic and very "limited"....open to ideas and what you are encountering.
  2. What's the next event?

    Per Cyan notes no new event this week...look for one next week