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  1. I guess my main complaint with this is the inability to reskin purchased skins. Because I absolutely love paying twice for no new content! I really miss the comradery that we used to have as factions. In fact, what I see more of now, is an excess of greed. There are players who oversell items forcing others to do the same in order to afford those items. I am not sure how it is for asmodae, but elyos level 42 skill books are brokering for 6-8mil. Absolute insanity. Anytime I receive a stigma drop, I always greed roll for the intention of selling on the broker for 50 kinnah. I wi
  2. Exactly. I am one of the hopeful ones. I hope NC sees this comment more than almost any other here. I would not mind some very minor changes to some quest text, like when the Reshanta NPC tells the player they should go solo a guard tower, but I echo what you say: Rifting, gear, skills, abyss, and mass areas of the game need to be left ALONE. My suggestion is specifically geared toward that, actually. When I mentioned "if/when applicable," it should be a BIG if. And if there is ever a problem where players get "bored," this would be the time to consider those things, a
  3. And there's always the option of leveling an alt
  4. I would not say it is impossible to grind reshanta, but it is annoyingly difficult right now. It would be worth working on crafting right now or pvp accessories. I expect dredge to come soon. They've got to come out with something new soon to keep people occupied. Let's be honest. The leveling for most players would have been a lot slower if they hadn't added the tiger candies to the game. That said, a lot are already 50, and I feel for those players. We will probably see Miragents soon too, but most people don't care to get that gear at this point anymore. It was too frustrating t
  5. let's stop selling the tiger candy and make the game subscription based
  6. Thank you for all you and your team do.
  7. I want to start by saying that this is a suggestion to NCsoft, and I strongly urge them to consider taking action if they wish the game to outlast its predecessor. They should hope that it will. Even if Aion 2 is released, there are those who will play Aion if it is maintained and continues to be a good game. This is how they would (and in my very strong opinion should) go about doing that: ---Execution-- 1) First, NCsoft must try to rid the game of bots, which I know they are currently working on. Next, polls must be sent to players regarding the release of new updates. 2) In
  8. Your name makes me think you're playing on retail, but you're currently posting in the Classic forum. Try checking your files (button next to the play button). This usually fixed the problem.
  9. I feel like I actually remember this happening the last time this game launched too. Anyone remember?
  10. I had heard it both ways, thanks for the clarification
  11. Can any asmodians comment on this? Siel Elyos received some asmodian candies via express mail this morning. Did asmodian also receive elyos candies? Old Siel needed some help with asmos joining, so they offered this as the first incentive, and the following incentives were even more advantageous. At this time Elyos are at a disadvantage numbers' wise to my understanding. Is this going to have subsequent rewards given to asmo, or was it a mistake? Does anyone know? Thanks
  12. This is a Korean MMO originally which is why it is a little more difficult. The game is great. I think you may be too caught up in the destination and not enjoying the journey enough
  13. This is a real problem. I have been reporting. That is all I can think to do.
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