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  1. Were you expecting your viewpoint to be welcomed by everyone? You're going against the grain with a horribly bad take on the situation that you obviously know nothing about. You're "clearing the air" but you really just want to project your thoughts over a dead topic.
  2. You need to proc the HHoM for the pants and again for the weapon.
  3. Hello @Kibbelz, I have some feedback. Boiling balaur blood prices are insanely high right now and supply is extremely limited. Without these boiling balaur blood stains, achieving Fenris will be very hard unless you are spending months grinding them yourself. It takes around 500 bloods for a good chance at proccing the Hot Heart of Magic. You need two of them for the armor and weapon. Are there any plans to introduce a supply of bloods into the market with this login event? For additional context, on SL-A the typical price of 1x Boiling Balaur Blood Stains is 500k/ea. That means it's
  4. I'm sure you'll put that spear to good use pvping against pinks at Siel, gg
  5. Hey @Kibbelz - could we get an update on when we expect 1.5 content to drop?
  6. @KibbelzMan, the whole point of this nyerking thread is that players have been wrongfully banned for doing something that you just admitted isn't an exploit. Remove the flags from our accounts and lift the bans from those who are still banned! It's pathetic at this point.
  7. I also want the flag removed from my account for being a false positive in the system.
  8. Can NCSoft please acknowledge the false positives with the recent ban wave. People who ran SR several times to get the gear and finished the repeatable quests got screwed from this. I was lucky enough to get unbanned within 24 hours. Others are facing unfair penalties for circumstances beyond their control.
  9. I got banned for no apparent reason as well. If it's truly because of the SR exploit then it's kinda cringe because I've ran that instance 20+ times and am in full SR gear. I'm not running it to get kinah.
  10. I was banned too for no apparent reason. I contacted their support email and figured it was because of my ping reducer that I use to play this game. Their response said I was caught in game doing automated behaviors that could not be replicated through the use of in-game macros. The issue with that is that I'm level 50 in end-game gear and I don't do crafting. I log in to do Adma/DC and just sit afk for the hours it takes to do the groups. What could I possibly be botting? If others are being banned for stupid reasons too, then I'm glad it's not me getting targeted out.
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