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  1. I haven't given up just yet and a few close friends of mine have sent in tickets on my behalf. It is very difficult for me to believe someone has had Pebbles since 2009 like I have, and another friend has actually ran through Oriel / Ing and Pebbles-KT do not own a home/estate. I'm willing to trade items or whatever they want, but still no reply from them. Thank you Asmodir, I hope I do, too!
  2. Hello- I'm Pebbles from Marchutan / Israphel / Danaria / and now recently merged into Katalam. I'm pleading to anyone who may know Pebbles-KT and are able to contact this person as i'm willing to trade. I have gotten permission from support to trade this name back to me if the other Pebbles were to send in a ticket on my behalf. I have had the name Pebbles and have played Aion starting December 27, 2009 and have given proof to support this, however, support advise me that Pebbles-KT has longer playtime than I do, so again, i'm begging / pleading for anyones help to contact/find the ot
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