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  1. New Launcher

    There are many bugs to be fixed in this game and what do we get? A new launcher! So happy that is just what I wanted the most.
  2. Freebies changed to one-time only rather than weekly, why?

    I do not care anymore about AION, I just play a few hours a week to relax and that is it. Really how can I trust NCSoft anymore? I think they are just waiting the right moment to let AION go, the way they treat the players is unbelievable. Pity because Aion was one of the best game I have ever played, well this is my own opinion. Take care, ciao.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    lol... lol..... Someone is a bit stressed out!
  4. Katalam bugged again

    Really, really annoying!
  5. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    I really, really hate the RNG with all my heart!!!! Okay, some players are very lucky but me I think I'm cursed! I am the last one left on my legion, sad but true. I wish I could transfer items and kinah to my "own" characters and not through the brokers which charge really too much! Also, I would like to get a better price when we sell to the NCP merchants and not a pitiful "One Kinah" for old items from who we paid much more! And we really get almost nothing selling items dropped by mobs to NCP, when we start a new character, that we cannot trade to our own accounts. I really hate the way the crafting is now, you need lots of kinah just to start and after too. I do not like ranting and complaining and this will be my last, also because I hope something will be done even if I think that really nothing will change. After all, this is a game and not real life, but games should be FUN!
  6. The lag is getting worse

    Thank you, thank you! <3 I tried Exitlag and it is wonderful! I will leave Battleping, which is useless now and a lot more expensive than Exitlag. I have never been able to play with a ping of only 200. Thanks again for telling me about Exitlag.
  7. The lag is getting worse

    Okay, I live in Australia too and my lag is unbelievable! It starts from 2000 and sometimes it gets to a 100.000 and I get disconnected! I am used to playing with a ping of 300/400 and with the use of Battleping but now I cannot play at all. So, if what you say it's true to tell me where in Australia you live and which is your ISP, for sure not the NBN. I do not believe you, sorry.
  8. Asmodian incentives incoming soon?

    Lakrum map is full of grouped elyos and they usually all belong to the same legion. I almost never see a single elyos walk alone, they are always in a group or even 2 groups. Not a single Asmodian around (like does anyone do the weeklies?). Lol, you do not see any Elyos alone because you Asmos kill them with 2 shots. I play alone all the time and I do not do anything anymore in Lakrum because as soon I leave the town I get killed, it is almost impossible for me to do any quests or BS without being killed even before I can enter the instance! So do not complain it's the same for both sides if you play alone you are doomed.
  9. Farewell Daevas!

    I logged in too just to say farewell, wish you the best and I hope all you will do next to be very good. I hope you will.....occasionally still play Aion, ciao Cyan.
  10. [7.5] Lakrum Repeatable Quests / Area Changes

    What happened to the Pandora repeatable quests? All my characters do not have the quests reset! I cannot complete them to get the items I was going to get if the quests are not there.
  11. Selling items privately?

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  12. Selling items privately?

    I would like to know how can players sell items that are: "Untradeable and Cannnot be Broked". I do not want to do that but it would be nice if I could give items that I get but cannot use to my other account characters.
  13. FM - BoS drops success rate

    P.S. I'm sorry I was in a hurry and I missed the can-not!
  14. FM - BoS drops success rate

    I only did BoS because you do not need a group and after many runs, the red items I got were one for a sorcerer and one for a ranger and I am a chanter. Pity that we give the items we cannot use to our own accounts characters.
  15. Why is the Katalam server down?

    Not sure if it's just only me but every time I log in I get the Katalam server is down and I cannot play. I can see that the Danaria server is okay, but I have no account there. I'm baffled and I hope it's not just only me.
  16. Cambios en Aion

    If you post on an English forum, please use "google" to translate your post, because not everybody knows the Spanish or Portuguese language. I am Italian and I did understand your requests, well part of it. Take care it is only a game. This is how "google translate" your message. for writing to aion support they answer me: if they want to change something it has to be done in community ocea make NC see that people really want to change restore trade private store among others but people only respond to me in a way that nobody cares about but I know that more than 50% of the server are Latino and really want certain changes. You have to make them see that we want to make a positive comment, give them a like, it doesn't cost them anything, it's just to see this and we show that we want and that we want it and to changes that are slow, comment here so that they see it, they are not webas but you are showing that as I said before you really don't want to change and you really don't care about the game !!
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    I don't think we need any push to quit this game. I hardly still play Aion, perhaps once or twice a week because I'm a sentimental girl.
  18. Blooming Sprout Event for New and Returning Users

    Lol, it is useless for my character, she is lvl 39 and I cannot use it till when I'll be lvl 76!
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    So if you wish to get the instant character level 80 you need to have a prestige account. This is not mentioned tho I thought all account could have a lvl 80. As usually they want more money, ho well it will be okay by me I'll be content with what I have I'm not spending a cents for this game ever again.
  20. Changes (Directed at you NCSoft/NCWest!!!!!)

    I started to play AION at the beginning in 2009, I left GW for this game and I'm still playing it but as a solo player. After "all" my legion friends left I am the only one left and at this moment I am levelling up all my alts that were created only as items keeper. I started some vandals both as asmos and elyos just because I still like this game. It is hard not to be able to join groups for instance which I never tried, my characters are not geared and I do not have any + anything! I tried to go to dehama once but the mobs there are too strong for me. There are too many players that I think are so bored that they enjoy killing your characters in one shot over and over in a very annoying way especially if you are traying to complete a quest. So now I play not often as I used to and all my many toons are all level 80 beside "one" and when my last one will reach that lvl. I will be leaving Aion. No idea what I will play instead yet but NCsoft has taken all fun from Aion to me. It will be hard but there is nothing left in this game for me.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    It is clear that they forgot that AION is first a "GAME" and not meaning to get more money! I stopped buying at the BCM when they made me have to change the look of my character and now this? I think that I'm done with Aion I need to get out this game is not giving me any fun but upset, after upset. I do not deserve to be treated like this if they don't care why should I?
  22. NC Coin

    I live in Australia and now our dollar has lost so much compared to the American dollar that it starts to be too expensive for me to buy NC coins, I used to buy 4,000 coins very often but lately, I need to be careful because they will cost me almost the double at the change from the USA dollar to the AU dollar. But it's fine there is not much for me to buy at this moment that I like or need.
  23. recommendations for new game to play ?

    The fact that this post is still going on it shows that NCSoft or the people managing this forum could not care less about AION. So sad! I am also looking for another game at the moment I'm looking at Ashes of Creation, but I tell you it is hard to leave AION.
  24. Aion 2 PC underworking ?

    @Shayded - I agree completely with you, I hate mobile games I like to be able to play any games that I like on my PC. It is so sad that NCSoft is trashing AION so much at this moment. I started playing it in 2009 and I'm still here but really I do not know for how long.
  25. Very funny! I already knew about that, but I wish to play Aion on my PC and not on a mobile, plus I like the true AION the one we are playing now on a PC not that clone on my phone.