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  1. Blooming Sprout Event for New and Returning Users

    Lol, it is useless for my character, she is lvl 39 and I cannot use it till when I'll be lvl 76!
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    So if you wish to get the instant character level 80 you need to have a prestige account. This is not mentioned tho I thought all account could have a lvl 80. As usually they want more money, ho well it will be okay by me I'll be content with what I have I'm not spending a cents for this game ever again.
  3. Changes (Directed at you NCSoft/NCWest!!!!!)

    I started to play AION at the beginning in 2009, I left GW for this game and I'm still playing it but as a solo player. After "all" my legion friends left I am the only one left and at this moment I am levelling up all my alts that were created only as items keeper. I started some vandals both as asmos and elyos just because I still like this game. It is hard not to be able to join groups for instance which I never tried, my characters are not geared and I do not have any + anything! I tried to go to dehama once but the mobs there are too strong for me. There are too many players that I think are so bored that they enjoy killing your characters in one shot over and over in a very annoying way especially if you are traying to complete a quest. So now I play not often as I used to and all my many toons are all level 80 beside "one" and when my last one will reach that lvl. I will be leaving Aion. No idea what I will play instead yet but NCsoft has taken all fun from Aion to me. It will be hard but there is nothing left in this game for me.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    It is clear that they forgot that AION is first a "GAME" and not meaning to get more money! I stopped buying at the BCM when they made me have to change the look of my character and now this? I think that I'm done with Aion I need to get out this game is not giving me any fun but upset, after upset. I do not deserve to be treated like this if they don't care why should I?
  5. NC Coin

    I live in Australia and now our dollar has lost so much compared to the American dollar that it starts to be too expensive for me to buy NC coins, I used to buy 4,000 coins very often but lately, I need to be careful because they will cost me almost the double at the change from the USA dollar to the AU dollar. But it's fine there is not much for me to buy at this moment that I like or need.
  6. recommendations for new game to play ?

    The fact that this post is still going on it shows that NCSoft or the people managing this forum could not care less about AION. So sad! I am also looking for another game at the moment I'm looking at Ashes of Creation, but I tell you it is hard to leave AION.
  7. Aion 2 PC underworking ?

    @Shayded - I agree completely with you, I hate mobile games I like to be able to play any games that I like on my PC. It is so sad that NCSoft is trashing AION so much at this moment. I started playing it in 2009 and I'm still here but really I do not know for how long.
  8. Very funny! I already knew about that, but I wish to play Aion on my PC and not on a mobile, plus I like the true AION the one we are playing now on a PC not that clone on my phone.
  9. NCSoft should make AION, with some variations, a solo game for PC when they will decide to shut it down. Just for the people who like/liked to play Aion so they will continue to play it to their heart content. I would be happy to pay for it because I really like AION.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Finally! Thank you so very much, I could not play with my characters with 2 different coloured eyes.
  11. Not at all! We should not need transparent scrolls, why should we pay for the "privilege" to see our characters the way we made them? This is the only game online that I know is doing that to their players, unbelievable.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    I was shocked at seeing so many houses for sale at the price of 12k...are them houses of players who left? I think so. I have given up on them at fixing bugs we had since the beginning of 6.2 like the black eye which so many of my characters have and I do not like to look at them and I hardly play. It is so nice of them just ignoring us like all is fine, well I do not care anymore and this will be my last post here. Ciao all have fun....if you can.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    Not even a mention of when the black eye will be fixed! I hate my character it is so sad that nobody cares about the real toon appearance the one we made when we created it. We should not have the need for transparent scrolls! Well, it seems most of you are happy so have fun and good luck to you.
  14. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    I have a terrible RNG on all my accounts, so this year I won't even try the event. It's Xmas and I will be busy with my family so I will have plenty of time to do something better than losing my patience and getting upset by a silly game. Ho...Ho....Ho Merry Christmas to everybody.
  15. game will die soon

    Do you think that farming/grinding all the times make Aion a fun game? Plus you have to compete with very fast bots that grind forever and be gerzed by max geared PvP players? So yes, what a fun is playing Aion.
  16. Goodbye AION.

    Your post is what is now Aion..... a game almost empty but still "some" players are rude and so unkind that is not a surprise that soon only these kinds of people will be playing Aion. Not everybody is happy and have fun playing Aion at this moment and for all people who have different opinions than yours should be respected. Well, good luck to you.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Okay, if you have not yet found out I'm going to tell you where it is. When you log on you have to click the Prestige Pass "Learn More" on your left and after choose the green one which is the free trial prestige pass. I have no idea why nobody told the players yet. Have fun tho.
  18. I just noticed that out of my eight characters five have two colours eyes which they did not have before the update! They look yucky and I wish to know why they changed? Like it was not enough to have to buy scrolls to be able to see your toon as you made it if you want to use the transformations potions! So now what should I do; make tickets to the Support? Or will they fix it as it should be because it is their fault and I do not want or wish to waste my time waiting for what the Support will say about this problem?. P.S. I just noticed that only the characters that have the very narrow black pupils are affected and are the one who did not have the chance to change their eyes when Aion first changed the appearance of all our toons some time ago.
  19. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    As the things are at the moment we should not need any maintenance....it does not change much! Waste of time.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    I stopped buying things at the BCM since the use of transformation scrolls....I want to be able to see my characters as I created them and with the skins, I bought from BCM! So no more even a cents of my money, I will use what I still have on something that can give me some kinah selling at the Brokers. I'm still waiting for them to correct the black eye that most of my toons have if it takes 5 hours to just correct names or making the new one, o my God how long it will take to fix the black eyes! Amen and RIP Aion.
  21. The Christmas Decoration is so pretty...

    Pity there is hardly anybody in Sanctum at any time of the day.
  22. New snowball item

    ??? I'm confused, please explain where do you get snowballs?
  23. Help me

    I am playing with a high ping since 2009. I use Battleping but still, my ping always is in the 300. I have no problems playing my sin or any others of my characters, it's also true that I cannot do any PvP but it's okay by me I just wish that the PK would not insist in killing me over and over and not able to do my quests, but I got used to it. If I get killed or gerzed too much I just leave the game and do something else. My wish is that Aion would do as many other games do, which is the possibility to choose to PvP or PvE. Lakrum starts to be only PvP so I am thinking to go back to GW2 where all my legion friend have gone since I'm left alone here in an empty legion.
  24. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    I wish they would fix the black eye I cannot look at my characters and if I do ....... usually I log out and play something else! Hurry up fix them, please.
  25. Help me.. i just want to ask about quest

    That level 66 is not the real quest it just says that you need to be level 66 to continue with the campaign, once you are lvl-66 you get the campaign mission, which at that level is a tad bit hard. Try to do the Luna Taki quests so you level faster or do all the dark blue star quests if you still have some to do, before trying the drakenspire depths (spl?) Good luck.