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  1. Returning Players?

    I see, I do miss the game and didn't quit for any reason other than getting busy with life. Now that things have calmed down a bit I was curious to play again. Last time I logged in all the people I knew seem to be gone now lol.
  2. Returning Players?

    Hello Everyone I am trying to get some honest opinions if the game is still worth playing. Last time I played was back in 3.0 in full +15 Resplendent gear on my Assassin. From what I hear that is all garbage gear now. What are your thoughts? After not playing for about two years should I come back?
  3. How's The Game 2017-2018?

    Good to know and thanks for the feedback! I just stopped playing because I was busy with work life. Recently... I am finding myself with much spare time after a job switch and would like to get back into playing an MMO. The toss up was FFXIV or Aion. I kinda wanted to play Aion for the PvP alone but wasnt sure how much has changed in two years.
  4. How's The Game 2017-2018?

    I could use some help on deciding if I should return to playing Aion. I haven't played in two years and wasn't sure how much has changed or if the game is even worth playing anymore. Any feedback would be great, thanks guys!