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  1. Event Vault advice

    We have tried having one player not transformering and found good success with that but still no s rank dude to the easy 1 shot potential. Curious to try my old master harvester +22 great sword now though. In terms of pulling we are gathering the whole room at a time. Upon entering the room my glad takes the left side, myself as the tank goes right and the sorc follows one of us to just add dps. Meeting up at the north side of room to dps till first boss spawns. After we kill the first boss, we rerun the sides of the room same again splitting one side for my glad and myself and coming together at the boss spawn spot. This second pull is sometimes an issue as some mobs are still respawning and we get a straggler or two. After grouping again it's some dps till 2nd boss spawns. After he is killed it is normally immediately after the rangers and the metal f'er spawn. We pop rangers as quickly as possible then I begin rounding up mobs so they don't start regaining hp after the rangers weaken them. Sometimes my glad is tanking the boss at his spawn other times the boss is trying follow me. One big issue we've seen is I get to many mobs and the aoe dmg starts to only dmg the mobs and not the boss, causing us to lose more time.
  2. GET it together

    One thing i find that helps me is to going to into the aion folder, go under the Bin64 folder and delete the Aion.bin that is in that folder. I load great with out it, with it i have a hard time or I get a hard crash that makes me have to restart. GL
  3. Event Vault advice

    Hello everyone. Me and my friends have been running the event vault to get our coins. We are having a hard time getting an S rank without an additional strike rune on our characters. Our biggest issue is the 3rd boss in the big room (as we like to call him "the big metal f'er"). We pop the rangers and that takes him down to about half hp, The dps throw out their DP skill which barely seem to dent him. We try to round up more mobs to dp him down faster but still end up with about 2 minutes left after he dies to kill the big fat lady who spawns right after for us. We did manage to get the metal guy down fast one time on alts and got a S rank without runes. Is there something we are missing? Is there a way or trick to killing him faster so he isnt so tanky. Thanks!
  4. Frosty fever over!? @loki @kibbelz

    Hello all, I don't know about every else, but I was a bit blind sided today when reading another post and someone stated that the frosty fever event was ending. Hold up now. I've been checking the forum going back to the original post constantly checking for an update as to when this event was gonna end. If someone would like clarify when this end date was added please let me know. On top of this, this weekend I opened morozs gift box and got my 5 manastone selection box's only to find out that it was random manastones!!! I did the appropriate thing and contacted support. I was told multiple times they were aware of the bug and could not compensate or exchange my items till the devs did something. What are the dang devs gonna do now! Since this event is magically over they have no need to address the issue. Please Loki KIbbelz, Just give us back the event NPC to turn in our left over ice cream. You preach about wanting to have more communication with the community and being more open about the going ons with the game. You then fail to post that the event was ending or had "x" amount of time left in any of your maintenance post. I never saw a answer to any of the forum post requesting an end date to the event. Even a simple, "Hey we updated the event page". Unless I missed it. So please bring the box back for 1 week. It's been done before. I'm sure I'm not the only person that was blind sided by the ending of this event and has a lot of ice cream to turn in.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    As some people have already said, this change is putting siege at midnight for the east coast. No already get a lack of sleep on siege nights because I love going to siege and need the rewards to advance my gear as a returning player. Please if your going to change this, move it a hour up! I know this means that altar siege will have to move up on Sunday, but siege times have varied on weekends before just do it again.
  6. Screencap Guide for How to Remove the Loading Bar/Screen

    If you are still getting a long load bar after applying this fix. Delete your config file, file repair the game then reload the game. After it's loaded, close the game and apply the fix. I found that applying the fix after a dc, send log, or any kindof crash just made me get a long load screen ever time
  7. ancient alcemium farm.

    Gotcha, yeah I know that spot. Thank you
  8. ancient alcemium farm.

    Where is the dessert? I can't remember one on lakrum. I know the beach spot on the left side of the map, where two spawn relatively close to each other
  9. ancient alcemium farm.

    Hello, is there any good ways to get ancient alcemium? I know you can kill the elites in lakrum or buy them from the broker, but are there any other ways to get this stuff. I'm looking to craft gear for fighter marks
  10. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    I have a suggestion for the boss. Make it so you can't pull it into your factions camp. The one time I saw the boss it took the asmos 1 min to pull it right to their camp where they had the gaurds to help defend the boss. These gaurds pack a punch too. Make the boss leash before it reaches the camps,. This way the factions actually have to pvp for it. Sure the weaker faction might lose but at least they are on a fair battlefield.
  11. Skin drops after 6.0

    Does anyone know if the level 80 pvp skin will be farmable in 6.x or where I could look to try and find out?
  12. Looking for awesome Guild to join :D

    Welcome to aion! If you were DN-E I would definitely take you in. Watch lfg and you might find some legions recruiting. It's typical for people to be rather quite thought lol. Gl on your adventures
  13. 1. Yes you have to take the quest to get to 66 and be a archdeava 2. You will not get past 65 with out the quest. 4 fast track limit is 65
  14. @Gideon (hear the community)

    The one there thing I forgot to mention in my last post is: if the npc gets limited loot, the exchange npc should remain around after the eye close for a equal amount of time that he was missing. This way we can buy the max amount of items available had the npc been working the entire time. So if we don't get him till next maintenance, then the npc should remain available for one more week.