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  1. If you're not talking about EVERYONE, you should not talk about EVERYONE.
  2. That statement is false. I purchased a house about a month before merge for 12 mil (to get access to the village shop guestblooms, if you wonder why I bothered) and I got back what I paid plus some maintenance fee. So no, not EVERYONE.
  3. That reminds me I still have French and German on my ToLearn list. I should scratch that list... >_>
  4. The closest thing to anime shop I visited was Japanese food & candy shop in Prague... like 7 years ago... In my city I've seen only sushi bars... But I don't go around much, someone might have started something already...
  5. What do you mean by "everything"? You'll get the rewards from the quests I linked - you can click on them and check it, the new gear is in the equipment boxes. And you'll get them for every character, who completes the quests. But if by "everything" you mean "all the items that were in the Homeward Bound event", I'm sorry to disappoint you, you'd have to wait for the event. (But I don't think they'll return it, since there are those gearing quests for everyone now...)
  6. I don't know if or when will the Homeward Bound event return, but if it's the gear rewards you're after, you don't really need it anymore. All characters get good gear from quests on levels 10 (Asmo quest/Ely quest) and 55 (Asmo quest/Ely quest). If I misunderstood your post and getting usable gear was not your primary intention, I apologise. Every character can get the quest only once. So if they got it on low levels during the first time around, they won't get it again.
  7. The wings are awarded by growth quest on level 30: Ely version, Asmo version. The growth quests are only available for five level range - so quest, that starts for level 30 is only available until level 35. From 36 and above, you can't access it. There will be another growth quest with wings on level 50. (available until 55) You can check the growth quest lists with their NPCs - Nebrith for Ely, Edandos for Asmo. (scroll down and click on Gives Quests tab) Also, NCSoft removed these ladies from Fast-Track, because they hate new players, so you have to go to Standard for the
  8. It's a quest for those, who had the prestige pack subscription before it was updated. https://na.aiononline.com/en/news/announcements/12042015-prestige-pack-update.php If you didn't have the prestige pack before that update, you don't need the quest.
  9. "If you ever feel useless, remember Germany has a president." Nope... not helping. :<
  10. When someone uses my email address to create their ebay account and starts spamming me with shit. Man, I gave you enough time to realise it's not you, who's getting the notifications you requested. I'm going to cancel that account, your spam is extra annoying. Jupiter. I like this one the most.
  11. As Vanteria said, the Temporal Stone can be crafted via Alchemy - the recipe needs 199 points, but I recommend getting at least 220, so you won't fail. The recipes cost AP, not kinah, but if you did few of the Abbys quests, you should be OK. Asmo recipe is sold by Dein in Pandaemonium, Ely recipe is sold by Melicar in Sanctum (up). To get Alchemy to the needed level faster, you can use the free amulets given by Nebrith (Elyos) and Edandos (Asmo). If you didn't know about these rewards, it's because NCSoft doesn't want you to know. Few years ago they removed these ladies from Fast-Tra
  12. I hate being ill. My sleep cycle is awfully random. Plus it's boring. *waits impatiently for 10 pm to take antibiotics and attempt to sleep* Kind of miss playing Aion. It used to be fun.
  13. Oh come on, you don't have to overdo it. I was just curious about an inconsistence. I don't remember anything you'd need to apologise for.
  14. http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/ - Just pick a theme and keep clicking Get [some] Names until you find something you like.
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