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  1. I second this topic because I agree, it's not fair for people who were already too high level to do Kromede's Trial.
  2. Best guess would be somebody dced and/or was set to invisible. It was likely 18.
  3. Chi Squad is welcoming new and veteran players alike. We do a mix of PvE and PvP, and while most of us are NA-based, we have members in all different timezones, including Europe and Asia-Pacific. There are no hard obligations, but you must be nice and respectful of others! 😊 There is not a level or class requirement to join us, but we are looking for more 40+ leather, sorcs, and plate. We currently do not need more chain. We have Discord available to legion members. While optional, it is highly encouraged to hop on and listen while running instances or world PvP. Message me her
  4. Per the item description, level 30 is needed to exchange the crowns: http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/186000051/
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